Because We Love Music! 2017

During 24 days and nights we are going to present you with an unique song, mix or a recording previously never released, with artist related or loved by Lamour Records. Everything is free for download and if this calendar strikes any resemblance with X-mas calendars, it’s all just an imaginary coincidence.

We do this –  because we love music! bwlm17

Stream on Spotify (will be available dec 24th)
All tracks mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
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December 15th 2017
Stenbit – Ord utan mening
From the deep forest of Värmland – close to Lake Vänern, Stenbit search for the perfect sound. A sound that slowly changes over time and becomes something new out of old. Stenbits latest work is music and ambient soundscapes for the exhibition ”Det dolda arvet” at Värmlands Museum.
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December 14th 2017
Clora – Alpen

Clora is the acronym that Christoffer Reichenberg paints sounds of the world and experiments with music. The “Alpen” is from an ongoing project without end date with the name “place” where different places are sounded from a memory or feeling. Clora has previously released a cassette on Zeon Light and on the way is a debut album at Pomperipossa Records.
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December 13th 2017
Alpha Mound – Generative #001 (Edit – A2)

Started as an experiment in Ableton Live with midi-effects that creates random outcomes from a single note. The notes are then processed with threshold values stopping some and letting others pass through. The remaining notes are then harmonically transposed to confirm to a set scale. The randomness has then been edited to a degree that they no longer appear random. Other instruments has since then been added. Drawing by Gustaf Lord
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December 12th 2017
Filya Trevelyan – Dim

“I’ve been producing the track Dim under the influencre of the dark and cold late autumn in Finland. My annual autumn-insomnia kept me awake the nights and the days, so i decided to put it together as a gloomy and dark techno track. Producing this track took me not that long, aprox one to two weeks, and then i sended it for Lamour for further mastering. My next release in the future is gonna be pretty much the same sound as you can hear int this tracks called Filya Trevelyan – Dim.”
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December 11th 2017
Llarks – Like a daydream
Llarks is an ambient music project led by guitarist & multi-instrumentalist musician C.Jeely from Birmingham, AL.
His music uses guitar, piano, trumpet, laptop and tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions.
“Like A Daydream” was recorded at the same time as the full-length cassette “Reflections”, which is out now on Lamour Records:
The accompanying photo was taken by the artist.
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December 10th 2017
Alderholmens Futuristiska – Berlin calling
Alderholmens Futuristiska is the collaboration between Slim Vic, Olle Oljud and LEHNBERG.
Together they explore a soundscape shifting between gentle ambient and rhythmical cacophony.
They released their debutalbum ‘Dåtid’ in November on Calkatraz cassette:…turistiska-datid/

Lehnberg – Synths & drum machines.
Olle Oljud – Objects & noise devices.
Slim Vic – Turntables & effects.
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December 9th 2017
Maneten – Dongel (3G)
Thanks for listening. Time flies, once again I’m honoured to contribute to the We Love Music project.
Maneten sound is kind of in the same territory as usual, this year around a spontaneous workout and layer on a 20%-ish sketch from 2009, the baseline, resonated chords & vocal chops are old the rest is a freshie.
The track is a sequel to the ”Dongelsonata” originally released on Solarscape Recordings September 2009. A hommage to a time period pre the WiFi hotspot.
Recorded and arranged by David Erik Holm October 2017 at Makeshift Patio Gävle.
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December 8th 2017
AKB ft. Slim Vic – Live at Kapellet (2017-10-18)
Melodies moving slowly creating a menacing, drone-like atmosphere in which meditation will add to the experience of the listening. Suggested musical intake through headphones at dawn when the mind is still drowsy. Possible side-effects are of binaural character and may cause the listener to hear rhythms where there are none. The composition needs to be tracked carefully over its duration to be understood.
Recording from the live performance of AKB (feat. Slim Vic) at Klubb Armadillo, Kapellet, Stockholm, October 2017.
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December 7th 2017
Bounce Daddy – First

Bounce Daddy is born of electronic music, he started as a DJ at the age of nine and started producing his own music a few years after.
As a tone he played in the electropop band Code 64.
Today, Bounce Daddy creates music in many different shapes and genres.
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December 6th 2017
Oestergaards – Rötterna
Rötterna (The Roots) are the title song for Oestergaards debut cassette that will be released on Lamour records in early 2018.
“By the barren river bed, everything long gone and dead
Shredded woods drenched in leaden skies
Deserted forest, tracks lost without destination
Our grief drowns in its bottomless lakes
–  among the roots all is reborn.”
Words: Oestergaards/E. Wettermark
Photo: Marias of Sweden
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December 5th 2017
Bænglund – Man Nu

House producer Bænglund from Uppsala/Göteborg gives us today a smooth techy deephouse track.
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December 4th 2017
A Thousand Mouths – Chlorophyll
A Thousand Mouths is an artist capable of multifaceted musical expression and with a broad set of production skills, where often simple means make way for a greater experience. Distinct rhythmical textures meet silky atmospheres in a dance-floor friendly yet highly emotional listening experience.
A Thousand Mouths is the moniker of Malmö-based producer Anders Walldén.

Listen to the self titled cassette released on Lamour earlier this year
Free Download
December 3rd 2017
Jan Liljekvist – Im Stockhaus Meines Vaters
Jan Liljekvist – Swedish composer and musician (violin, guitar, flute, percussion, live electronics etc). Makes music in several genres: rock, jazz, for dance performance, theatre, radio theatre, short movies, art installations etc. Mostly active in jazz/rock/poetry project Black Baker ( “Im Stockhaus Meines Vaters” is the prelude to the next track, “Karlheinz 57 Varieties”, which is going to be presented in the BWLM later in december.

Jan Liljekvist aka Dr. Jayne Insane released the noise vinyl ‘Anti Art alliance’ on Lamour 2014, check it out!

December 2nd 2017
Motormännen – Gruvkrisen (2017 Techno Remix)


Motormännen make information techno infused with an air of Swedish nostalgia through a filter of retro-futuristic skepticism.
The music is packed with minimal acid loops and samples with excerpts from Swedish politicians, documentaries and Christer Glenning, reflecting on times when the cold war and the traditional welfare state were dissolving. Inhibitions were relaxed and new, foreign influences crept into the body of society and the old information monopolies. Motormännen’s tracks are visually enhanced by messages from pictures and videos from the 1970’s and 80’s.
December 1st 2017


David (LEHNBERG) has started to mix up his ultra rhythmic driven soundscapes to focus on his wayward musicality when it comes to harmonics.
The sounds on ”Swami” floats through your ear canals as on a river towards your soul with Radhanath Swami’s words of love and
has a clear sonic connection to LEHNBERG’s latest cassette tape; ’Morgondröm’. (October 13)

Words are lent from; Radhanath Swami, and his speech; ’Purifying Our Existence”.
Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. A Bhakti Yoga practitioner for 40 years, he is a guide,
community builder, philanthropist, and acclaimed author.


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