Lamour, club and record label based in Sweden since 2008, with focus on curating multi-creative artistic crossings for musicians, artists and audience.

Lamour run club nights, PUSH festival, podcast, record store and a record label within a broad scope of electronic music culture. Expanding expressions within dance related electronica, poppy electro, dark ambient, contemporary art music, improvised live-electronic music and electroacoustic music.

• Club Lamour (arrangörsföreningen Lamour) is nonprofit organization
• Lamour records/Lamour record store is a company run by Viktor “Slim Vic” Zeidner

BACKHISTORY. Lamour was formed in 2008 by DJ Slim Vic as a club for new and upcoming electronica artists, DJs and VJ’s.  Today is Lamour a non-profit organization with a large network of engaged people in art and music. The Lamour records has the same focus as the club and publish various forms of electronic music on vinyl, CD and digital. There is no definitive answer to what the label will produce as the electronic music world and the taste of the curators are constantly changing.

Club Lamour is a member of RANK – Swedish Association of New Music Promoters
Lamour record is a member of SOM – Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter

Board 2016
Emelie Klintecorn – Chairman
Viktor Zeidner – Board member
Thomas Bjelkeborn – Board member

Membership (in swedish)
För att bli medlem i Lamour sätt in 100kr på Bank Giro: 517-1160
alt Swish 123 276 66 08 (ange namn vid inbetalning) och skicka sedan mail till slim@lamour.se och berätta att du gjort din betalning. Föreningens stadgar ser du här under.

Statutes/Stadgar (pdf)

Picture from the first club Lamour march 2008