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Claesons – V.V.V.V.V. Release April 28

During all my years as an active musician in different constellations I have also worked continuously with my own material. A kind of unrestricted flow of creativity that has given birth to a lot of different expressions. So listening to this album is a journey through many phases in my life.” Continue Reading →

The Deer Tracks – Undersvik, released December 23


The Deer Tracks are back after three years of silence with the new album Undersvik.
After the bands constantly touring of the world for several years, they ended up in a mental and spiritual dead end. The interruption of touring was vital and the band sought out an abandon school in the small village Undersvik, Sweden. Over a 10 days period, with outside world switched off, they just let the stillness and their own spirit color the lyrics and their sound. Undersvik is as much a result of the eternal insomnia of touring, as the tranquility and beauty of nature. Continue Reading →