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PRO424 – Before Immunity LP

Since the debut in 2011, the Swedish music project PRO424 has combined complex modular synth based sounds with strong melodies resembling the synth genre. At the same always with a firm stance in techno and underground culture and always with desire to perform the music live. The previous album ’Immune’, released in 2014, became one of Lamours most sold albums ever and was compared to historic references such as Tangerine Dream and Underworld, but also Richie Hawtin. 

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Bottenvikens Silverkyrka – Många Lågor

Bottenvikens Silverkyrka connects three-zero-Trinity with their new EP ‘Stadskyrkan’ to be released this summer. As a teaser, we now get the song ‘Många Lågor‘, which is liberating acid driven by synth, techno drums and church organ. With its unique genre awakening acid, the Silverkyrka has won the hearts of the country and their many and appreciated festivals have made the audience dance against eternity to machine music.
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Lamour Podcast #48 – Kommunhouse, tvist om tempo & bedrövlig bootleg

Nytt supersoligt avsnitt, fågelkvitter och pepp inför sommarens alla gig. Lokala och nationella demos och tips, stundtals bedövande bra electronica och amerikansk house med gammelvärldens ljudbilder.
En podcast av och från Lamour Records inspelad i Gävle. Med primärt fokus på blandade moderna härliga sound och bra snack om elektronisk musik and beyond. Stort tack för att ni lyssnar. Med Viktor Zeidner & David Holm. Continue Reading →

Oestergaards – Rötterna

Oestergaards makes music with a shimmer of mystery darker than Dragon Gate’s history. A dystopian world of sound with essences of Hälsinglands rural society and the desire to get away from the traditional trodden musical paths.
Some hear references with dark ambient guru Lustmords early works, others see references to the film world, but it is clear that Oestergaards feel at home in the dark sound chamber. Continue Reading →

AKB – Live at Ambient Morning (PUSH 2017)

“I had a high pitched repetitive note on my brain for days, kind of like a monotonous chant on repeat in my head. Like a whistle or a wail, or your worst tinnitus episode. I figured the only way to get rid of it was to surround and clothe it, give it a context and an object. Not disguise it per say, but rather enhance and embellish it, combining this unnerving tone with others – both alike and opposite – consequently making it not just bearable but ultimately infatuating. And the question is would you have heard it if I wouldn’t have told you?”
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