Olle Oljud – 27/28, 7″ vinyl


Lamour records proudly presents composer and visual
artist Olle Oljud, one of the most beloved artists in
Sweden’s experimental music sphere.

The beautiful two-coloured vinyl shows in a small way the diversity of Olle, on one side minimal wobbling feedback and on the other a hard wall of cacophony.
Also included is a unique acrylic painting, limited and
numbered to 250 ex.


Dr Jayne Insane – Anti Art Alliance, vinyl LP


Lamour records proudly presents Dr Jayne Insane, cutting through the thick mud with a dirty spoon. With three wonderful tunes on each side, this LP kills fascists… well, kills everything in near/in your ear. The noise grows on you.
Dr Jayne Insane, aka Jan Liljovic, aka Jan Liljekvist is back with another beautiful journey through his distorted mind…
Comes with a poster by Sten Backman, who also made the art and design of the LP.


Lamour Sthlm – Anti art alliance & 27/28

Olle Oljud
Dr. Jayne Insane
From The Dark River
Marek Choloniewski (pl)
Slim Vic
SQ ft Didgetronics

Club Lamour presents a double vinyl release – an utterly brutal noise album from Dr. Jayne Insane, and an at least as noisy 7″ single from Olle Oljud. The evening will culminate in audiovisual dark experimetal by From the Dark River, who draw inspiration from Wolves in the Throneroom. Sunn O)))) and their like. SQ ft didgetronics on the programme, guests to be announced. In the bar there’ll be DJ’s and visuals by Deadpixel.

Free entry!

N.B.! Cash only, in the bar.
Event on Resident Advisor

www.fylkingen.se | www.soundquartet.se | www.slimvic.net

The Fall by Stenbit – out now!

Swedish ambient master Stenbit are back with his sixth full-length album, The Fall.
The silky smooth compositions invites the listener to an inner journey that becomes a fantasy-filled experience where the meditative sounds caress the listener’s attention.
Stenbit´s music is created with deep love for the genre in his studio surrounded by the dark forests of Värmland, Sweden.

Out on all digital stores November 29th 2013
Buy at Beatport | Buy at Juno Download | Buy at iTunes

Coverart by Emmy Sollien | Mastered by Alpha Mound


Lamour Sthlm – WINTERTORCH

[krig] + LO
DEADPIXEL + guests

10 december 19.30 – 00.00 (första konsert ca 20.00)
Entré 100 kr (Studerande 80 kr) Biljett löses i entré

This production is a Fylkingen members initiativ by Olle Åberg.

Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, över gården i valvet / T-bana Mariatorget

www.fylkingen.se | www.soundquartet.se | www.slimvic.net

Lamour Gävle pres. NATTEN

Fyramannabandet NATTEN bjuder på en sagolik resa mellan rock, jazz, disco och rymdinspierade ambienta landskap.
Bandet har släppt flera album och nyligen gjort en remake på Alice Boman – Natten på Adrian records. Sandviken/Stoclholmsbaserade [krig] tillsammans med Andreas presenterar länets i särklass bästa dubelectronica.
Fanny Hansen & August Mårtensson gör ett personligt och intimt framträdande tillsammans med nyskrivet material för piano, guidar o sång.
Lamour resident SQ, Slim Vic & Deadpixel bjuder i vanlig ordning på elektroniska klanger.

Fri entré 19.00 – 22.00

Arrangör: Lamour i samarbete med Skottes Musikteater, Studiefrämjandet & IDKA.

Lamour pres. D.A.N.S 23 november

Lisa and Kroffe on the Lamour stage once again after a brilliant record release and outstanding gigs. Dancer/choreographer Liisa Pentti (Helsinki) creates a characteristically intensive immediacy with music of SQ (Bjelkeborn and Pignon). Acoustic surround sensations with music of Sam Salem, Daniel Barreiro and CitizenUrge from NOVARS (Manchester). In the foyer/bar DJ Slim Vic creates his inimitable atmosphere to visuals by Deadpixel.

Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, över gården i valvet / T-bana Mariatorget
www.fylkingen.se | www.lamour.se | www.soundquartet.se | www.slimvic.net

Lamour Goes South – Fylkingen Stockholm 12th november

Lamour surfs the last wave to put on a sun-worshipping beach party showcasing EAM from South America and electronic improvisation. Featuring Alejandro Franco Briones (MX), Ezequiel Esquenazi (ARG) Hawai, SQ with Lisa Ullén, visuals by Deadpixel, and more.

Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, över gården i valvet / T-bana Mariatorget
www.fylkingen.se | www.soundquartet.se | www.slimvic.net


Lamour tillbaka i Gävle!

Lamour i samarbete med Skottes bjuder in till sköna höstkvällar i Skottes musikteaters mysiga Café Foajé. Sammanhanget är skönt och avspänt med allt från akustiskt intima toner till drömlika elektroniska ljudlandskap.

Club Lamour startade i Gävle 2008 och har huserat på Fylkingen Stockholm sedan 2010 samt gästat Reykjavik, Berlin och Krakow. Nu är klubben åter tillbaka i Gävle på Cddasdasdafé Foajé.

Premiärkvällen tisdagen den 5:e november medverkar följande artister:
Fanny Hansen
SQ (Thomas Bjelkeborn & Paul Pignon)
Slim Vic
Flera artister TBA