AKB – Söndagsbarn. Released April 1


AKB (Anna-Karin Berglund) goes solo and makes a musical U-turn with her debut EP ‘Söndagsbarn’. The last 10 years, AKB has been touring the world with bands Twiggy Frostbite and The Deer Tracks, but now she has replaced the pop music with spacey ambient.

AKBs hometown Gävle city has for decades had a very strong electronica and sound art scene, something that obviously inspires the entire city’s musical life, even AKB, so the step into the cosmic sound world is a natural extension of her music career. The four tracks on ‘Söndagsbarn’ has clear influences from the 70’s/80’s ambient artists, such as Klaus Schulze and Michael Stearns, but also more modern references like Markus Guentner and Loscil.

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Arbetarbladet about AKB and premiered the video Hervor (in swedish)
“– Att Lamour Records finns bidrar ju till en samlingspunkt kan man säga. Sen behövde jag inte vara orolig att det skulle låta “Twiggy” och dessutom har jag börjat tänka på musik i känslor. Att ljudsätta mitt liv.”
Read full post at: http://www.arbetarbladet.se/noje/musik/sondagsbarnet-anna-karin-berglund-ljudsatter-sitt-liv-se-den-exklusiva-premiaren-av-akb-s-musikvideo

GD about Söndagsbarn (in swedish)
“På de fyra filmiska, soundtrackliknande spåren går det att höra inspiration från 1970-tals-ambient-artister som Klaus Schulze men även modernare namn.”
Read full post at: http://www.gd.se/noje/musik/anna-karin-akb-berglund-slapper-sin-debut-ep-sondagsbarn

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