Because We Love Music! 2018

For the fourth year in a row, Lamour presents ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical range of the label and collects artists associated with Lamour.
Every day for 24 days we get a new song, we start soft and let the intensity and energy rise until December 24th. The songs are released daily via Lamours soundcloud with free download and then the entire series will be released in full on streaming services on the 24th. 
We do this – because we love music!

All tracks mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 12th 2018
Singular – Ljum (liveremix)

Singular live at PUSH Festival 2018 in Gävle. Photo by Elin Hjulström Lord

This is a live remix of the song Ljum from Singular. The upcoming album ‘Two’ will be  released on Lamour on vinyl and digitally, February 1st 2019.
December 11th 2018
Adam Viger – OCM

Adam Viger
is Lamour hometown Gävle’s most unknown genius, and he has been forced by Victor “Claesons” Claeson to compose and produce music for his ongoing Sci-fi movie project. In his every day life he delivers mail and plays in bands like The Entire Cast and Dream Boys.
December 10th 2018
Slim Vic & Görgen Antonsson – Saras Saga

The two musicians first appeared on stage in 2016 when they were invited to make a show to the opening ceremony of the Eurovision song contest in Gävle. The widely separated musical backgrounds led to a hypnotic and explosive meeting between ambient, techno and folk music. Playful and serious, contemplative and dancing!
This song ‘Saras Saga’ is taken from the theater performance ‘Änglaspel’ played at the Folkteatern in Gävle 2017 and 2018.
Photo: Marias of Sweden
December 9th 2018
Alpha Mound – Dark Web

Alpha Mound is the recording project of Joakim Westlund. This song started out with the intention of making something minimal, but music often flows in it’s own direction and when preparing it for release in this years BWLM it took a more rhythmic turn in it’s climax with chugging bass, arps and delayed kicks.
Something ominous promising violent change and the hopeful light peeking through the Dark Web.
December 8th 2018
Oestergaards – Maal niir

“Maal Niir” is the first example of Oestergaard’s new form. He now leaves the chaotic debut album Rötterna’s industrial ambient and goes towards a more quiet dystopian soundscape. Acoustic elements are mixed with electronics and field recordings, but the dense darkness is constantly present, as always.

Oestergaards makes music with a shimmer of mystery darker than Dragon Gate’s history. A dystopian world of sound with essences of Hälsinglands rural society and the desire to get away from the traditional trodden musical paths.
Some hear references with dark ambient guru Lustmords early works, others see references to the film world, but it is clear that Oestergaards feel at home in the dark sound chamber.Oestergaards (born 1977) based in Älvkarleby with a background as festival organizer in Hälsingland and the front figure in traditional Americana band breaks his story and focuses on the compilation of electronic music.
December 7th 2018
LEHNBRG – Guidance

The modern ambient sounds on Guidance can be described as a fusion of the softest of sound worlds, meditative states and thoughtfulness, where David’s wayward musicality is highly present and on display. That allows the experimental side of things to play a more audible role in both space and time.

In very short time David Lehnberg made a name for himself with his experimental electroica soloprojekt LEHNBERG, both as an energetic live artist and someone who delivers EPs and remixes with huge range both musically and geographically speaking.
David has traveled around the world numerous time on his own and as one of the two members of the indietronica band The Deer Tracks, and this is where his musical inspiration comes streaming from.
December 6th 2018
Kelp Forest – From this distant vantage point

Kelp Forest’s tracks spur from collaborative experimentation with drum machines, synthesizers, electric guitars and a variety of traditional instruments, creating a sound that combines modern electro with post-rock, synth-pop and psychedelia. Nature and living things inspire us – especially in the far future and distant past. ❤ (ΦωΦ)
Thank you for listening and remember to cherish the pale blue dot!
/Kelp Forest
Kelp Forest is Maximilan Karlander, Rikard Karlander & Pontus Liljeblad
December 5th 2018
Catterfly – Deep sea trench

Join an expedition down to the depths of the depths! What is hiding there? Emma Sörensen is called Catterfly as she explores and creates imaginative and dreamlike worlds. Her palette is acoustic instruments in an electronic mix.
December 4th 2018
Plasmafuse – She said hello

She said hello … is the feeling you get right in the heart when someone looks back with the special eye contact that means something special about this first contact.

Plasma Fuse is an electronica band that has grown out of the ground surrounding, industrial metal scene, but have replaced the guitars to synths and samplers. Plasma Fuse is also born out of interest in space, robots and the electronic world we live in. Members: Ronny Rasmusson, Erika Teljing & Erling Persson.
December 3rd 2018
Llarks – Allure

Llarks is the recording name for American ambient guitarist and computer musician Chris Jeely. His music uses guitar, laptop and tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions. “Allure” is taken from the current recording sessions for a new album to be released in 2019. This song began life as part of the rehearsals for my appearance on the Tonalism stage at the U.S. festival Bonnaroo. My set time was 3am to 4am. As such, I recommend playing this song loudly at night. music / image by Llarks
Listen to the earlier two Tape Lamour releases from Llarks
ReflectionsRadio Starslide Forever
December 2nd 2018
AKB – Siren

Anna-Karin Berglund (AKB) is a musician and composer from Gävle, the electronica pearl by the ocean. Her piece Siren contains melodies moving slowly, forming a menacing, drone-like atmosphere where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama. Kind of like a monotonous chant on repeat, like a whistle or a wail, or your worst tinnitus episode.A lingering echo of tapered layers creates a backdrop of slender siren calls.

The first release under her own name came in April 2016 on the EP Söndagsbarn (via Lamour Records), where the four tracks carries clear influences from the 70-80’s ambient with its space-fragrant, cosmic soundscapes.

December 1st 2018
Sandklot – Jade

Sandklot is a duo resident in Stockholm. We make electronic music and video. Sometimes we film and sometimes we make sounds. Sometimes together and sometimes alone. Then it happens that we improvise combinations of sounds and images together. Soms, we play in what we thought went well and posted on the internet for public viewing.

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