Brugd – Bland stad och säl

Bland stad och säl is the second album by Brugd and the first on the label Lamour Records. It’s a positive twisted journey through dreamlike soundscapes with rough edges and rumbles. Somewhere between ambient and poetic art music, it tells a story of dreams, confusion, lost loves and places with a shimmer of hope.

Yair Etziony – ENXIO

“I was listening to the “Berliner Philharmoniker” playing a requiem while my smartphone was getting a message every minute about our dead production systems. Later that night, I started writing the first piece of the lament”.

Ulf Ivarsson – Lower Zone (Slim Vic Ultradub)

The title track from Ulf Ivarsson’s album from 2020 gets a real minimization by DJ Slim Vic. Lower Zone In an ultradub remix, most things are peeled off and dubbed, retaining sparse rhythms and bass frequencies, but adding atmosphere and the magical magnetic sounds of the tapedelay.