Alexander Höglund – TREO (Singular Remix) (Free Download)

Alexander Höglund is a multimedial artist based in Malmö, Sweden. TREO (Singular Remix) is Lamour artist Singular’s take on a track from Alexander’s long player SUBSTANCE – a sound work on a 12” LP vinyl record. The album includes 11 tracks, each with a recording of a dissolving painkiller tablet.
!–more–> The tracks display variation in audio as the tablets dissolve due to the medicines different chemical properties and physical design such as size and thickness. The painkillers have been ordered from E-bay and shipped from around the globe. Accompanying the remix is an animated video by Alexander Höglund himself.

Alexander Höglund’s webpage

Alexander Höglund on Swedish radio show Elektroniskt i P2

Singular’s soundcloud


Motormännen – Samhällsinformation

Motormännen is back with their third album ‘Samhällsinformation

Thanks to their playful and dark techno with insightful reflections on recent Swedish history and phenomenons, the duo have become much appreciated, as live artists as well as on national radio and Spotify, where the total number of streams is close to half a million. Continue reading


Bottenvikens Silverkyrka – Tre-noll-treenigheten

Bottenvikens Silverkyrka is concluding the trilogy – consisting of “Det stora uppvaknandet”, the beginning, “Arken”, the message, and “Stadskyrkan”, the resolution – with the album “Trenolltreenigheten” featuring all the tracks from the EP:s, as well as two unreleased tracks and a live performance with church organ.  Continue reading