Maneten – Foto Daniel Bernståhl

Mixed tech, mixed emotion. Swedish east coast basement remixer & producer Maneten. Provincial bar DJ & local long runner with the club Panelen from Gävle city city, Sweden. Real name David Holm. Got introduced to trackers and DAWs in his teens thru friends but then got into video editing, TV-production & music editing. Went in full mid 20s to DJ & dig deeper into electronic music production inspired by the sounds of MOS, GU & Hed Kandi compilations & the current minimal & deep house popularized by the classic Beatport Flash based UI.

Old habits die hard. Stays on it and keeps close to the music through DJing or as co-host of Lamour Podcast with fellow musiclover Slim Vic.

Production & DJ Influence variation and constant exploration of main underground & basic melodies in cool clothes. Awarded “Best Solo Act” at Local Heroes Galan 2020 Gävle, Sweden. For the local presence and grind in canonizing electronic music thru DJing, own production and a stylistic push.

Social Links
  • https://www.facebook.com/ManetenDJ/
 • https://www.instagram.com/manetendavva/
 • https://open.spotify.com/artist/2aHZqoxlKM0bQJEkgUVxhC?si=5xyBbeWoSzCLYEFz5G_lbw

• Live/DJ performance (booking) slim@lamour.se | mob +46(0)738517757