A Thousand Mouths – DNA (Free Download)

“A theme song for continues failure and the realization that nature is completely oblivious to our conscious quests no matter how we continuously attempt to fight our inherited attributes through meaningless self awareness. We are never able to wipe of what is initially printed upon us and this song portrays the journey towards the acceptance of this.”

A follow up track to 2018’s album “Stimuli Scapes” were A Thousand Mouths pushes in a somewhat darker and faster direction, though with the same alternative take on acid, house and techno were analog beats punch away over an ocean of ambient voices, harmonies and drones acting as a fundament for the ever evolving pads and motif tying the track together in it’s entirety before eventually landing in a whirlwind of noise.”

Artwork by Åse Ekström

A Thousand Mouths is the moniker of Malmö based Anders Walldén, producing a personal fusion of melodic house, techno and acid where mechanical rhythms co-exist with soulful harmonies and ambiances, creating a sound that is warm and familiar, yet always distinctively unique.