Yair Etziony – ENXIO

“I was listening to the “Berliner Philharmoniker” playing a requiem while my smartphone was getting a message every minute about our dead production systems. Later that night, I started writing the first piece of the lament”.

Lamour Podcast #132 – I en inglasad eftervärld

Solen står för dörren och bjuder in till ljusa framtidsspaningar. Tips, skrönor och ett uns av skvaller.  Det ältas också ohuman duo men det goda samtalet fortsätter. Programledare är David Holm, Julia Gidlöw och Robin Forsgren.

Singular & Loljud – Jord (Feed Me Rework)

In Jord (Feed me Rework) – Singular & Loljud’s first ever collaboration – Loljud’s emotive and beautifully subdued ‘Feed me’ is transformed into a dirty punch of raw, pounding energy. An ephemeral piano figure leads to an expanding space where Loljud’s distinctive voice – distant, then close – is layered with Singular’s distorted beats and […]

Ulf Ivarsson – Lower Zone (Slim Vic Ultradub)

The title track from Ulf Ivarsson’s album from 2020 gets a real minimization by DJ Slim Vic. Lower Zone In an ultradub remix, most things are peeled off and dubbed, retaining sparse rhythms and bass frequencies, but adding atmosphere and the magical magnetic sounds of the tapedelay.

Lamour Podcast #131 – Gäst Gustav Jansson (Sturm Café)

Gluten Morgen unsere lieben Zuhörer! Vi gästas av albumaktuella Gustav Jansson från den legendariska EBM-duon Sturm Café. Vi pratar inte helt oväntat om synthar och Atari men också turnéer i Ryssland och hur det känns att åter vara tillbaka i Gävle. AKB bjuder i vanlig ordning på en underbar modern classical medans Viktor presenterar en […]

Avra & Ida Long – Chasing You Wasted

Avra and Ida Long teams up for the third time and deliver another deep indie house banger. Avras delicate production and Idas unique nordic voice make a perfect match, again! Looking for anything to take the edge off Chasing You Wasted is a hazy pop jam with crisp and sultry vocals, funky and danceable grooves, […]

Maneten – Too Love For Fast

Northern Swedens DJ-circuits softest maximalist Maneten (David Holm) is on with the next action packed feature ”Too Love For Fast”. Coming in hot from this summers double album release on Lamour Rec. The latest tracks is in the traditional collage/stack Maneten-style but with some extra thump. ”Too Love For Fast” covers topics of passion, the […]

Lamour Podcast #130 – Inboxspecial

Välkommen till en supermaxad inboxspecial med elektronisk “Landet runt känsla”. Vi luftar ur våra inboxar och spelar musik skapad av våra lyssnare. Vi får magisk ambient, storstadsacid och norsk elektronica för oss som inte förstår. Maratonsändningen görs av Robin Forsgren och Viktor Zeidner.

Mikael Strömberg – Riposte Erik Satie (Catterfly/Slim Vic)

Riposte Erik Satie, a newly written piece by Mikael Strömberg, is a reinterpretation of the idea behind Erik Saties Vexations (“harassment”). “Riposte” means response, in response, attack – as a response to Satie and as a silent attack over time. Saties Vexations is considered one of the longest pieces of music in history. A performance […]

Weaknot – Flowers Of Melancholy (Remixed)

From Italy via Gävle / Sandviken back to the world! Weaknot’s EP Flowers of Melancholy gets three new versions that both straighten and rebuild the songs into eclectic dance music for fearless and longing ears. Alpha Mount version of Haunted Pinewood is an epic show in sound worlds and tempo changes. Nocturne (Jimmy Koskinen) transforms […]