A Thousand Mouths – Stimuli Scapes

Stimuli Scapes is the second release by A Thousand Mouths on Lamour Records offering a full length psychological ”stimuli” where dance music and ”listening music” meet, co-exists and function in both scenarios.
While melodic house and acid techno comes to mind this album explores microtonal music and ambient, creating generous wide genre-spanning ”scapes” for the listener to drift and linger in.Layered and complex, yet constantly accessible and pulsating with fluid acid-elements juxtaposing harmonies and melodic elements in a textural meeting of crunchy analog foundations and crisp digital spaces, lofi backdrops and highly personal compositions.

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A Thousand Mouths is the moniker of Malmö based Anders Walldén, producing a personal fusion of melodic house, techno and acid where mechanical rhythms co-exist with soulful harmonies and ambiances, creating a sound that is warm and familiar, yet always distinctively unique.