AKB – Marianergraven Remixed vol. 1

AKB’s debut album Marianergraven has been celebrated since its release earlier this year. The album has attracted far and wide attention, not least in European press and radio. Now it’s time to dive even deeper into the grave and let the sound waves get minimized, maximized and mixed up with beats!
Through seven remixes from interesting producers in the Swedish underground scene, an alternate version of the deep sea trench’s secrets emerges! Kraut, melodic house, more ambient and a little techno.

Go enjoy yet another moment below the surface!
1 – Skymningszonen (Maneten Rework)
2 – Tropikerna (Slim Vic Remix)
3 – Subduktion (Nattvakt Remix)
4 – Svallvågen (Elin Piel Remix)
5 – Öbågen (Alpha Mound Remix)
6 – Sedimentär (Nocturne Remix)
7 – Tropikerna (Catterfly Remix)

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Design by Hanna Berglund
Cat. nr: lamour118dig

Maneten – Photo Daniel Bernståhl
Slim Vic – Photo Maria Nilsson
Elin Piel
Alpha Mound


AKB – Marianergraven

The musical origins of this album comes from an avid fascination with the ocean and its secrets.The idea of how the pressure and darkness of the depths may sound and the unknown mystery attached to the Pacific abyss of the Marianas trench evokes both a calmness and a breathtaking feeling of bottomlessly sinking into the darkness way down deep. ‘Marianergraven’ is AKB’s own take on the ambient genre, with melodies moving slowly, forming a menacingly areal atmosphere, where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama. She utilizes the electronic tonalities from syntheses, loops and effects to create a slowly growing and floating ambient structure, which is both melodic and dissonant combined. 
Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle, Sweden. The first release under her own name came in April 2016 on the EP Söndagsbarn (via Lamour Records), on which the four tracks carries clear influences from the 70-80’s ambient with its space-fragrant, cosmic soundscapes. In 2017 AKB was awarded ‘Best Solo Act’ of the year at the Local Heroes Gala in Gävle, Sweden.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Design by Hanna Berglund
Cat. nr: lamour093vin



Acid Ted
“The beats are there and feel totally natural rather than showing the join of an ugly weld. There’s a joy and lightness in the track’s synths turning twilight into the rosy fingers of dawn.”
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