AKB & Slim Vic – Pluto

We take off from the ground and head out into space with Pluto as our destination. The attracting forces of the sounds, the melodies and the air intertwine, forming an intricate soundscape. It is a dream and a fantasy about a world beyond our own, where memories and thoughts take place in an endless space. 

Pluto is the second release from AKB and Slim Vic. This time accompanied by two magical remixes from Nano Ona and Göteborgselektronikerna.

Released April 7th 2022
Written by Viktor Zeidner & Anna-Karin Berglund
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Eric Norberg
Cat. nr: lamour152dig

Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle, Sweden. Her debut album ”Marianergraven” was released on February 28th and it is her own take on the ambient genre, with melodies moving slowly, forming a menacingly areal atmosphere, where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama. The musical origins of this album comes from an avid fascination with the ocean and its secrets. The idea of how the pressure and darkness of the depths may sound and the unknown mystery attached to the Pacific abyss of the Marianas trench evokes both a calmness and a breathtaking feeling of bottomlessly sinking into the darkness way down deep. She utilizes the electronic tonalities from syntheses, loops and effects to create a slowly growing and floating ambient structure, which is both melodic and dissonant combined.

The first release under her own name came in April 2016 with the EP Söndagsbarn (via Lamour Records), on which the four tracks carries clear influences from the 70-80’s ambient with its space-fragrant, cosmic soundscapes. In 2017 AKB was awarded ‘Best Solo Act’ of the year at the Local Heroes Gala in Gävle, Sweden.

Sound and music magician Viktor “Slim Vic” Zeidner is a tireless chameleon in the Swedish electronic music scene. With a background as a technically skilled DJ in the house genre, he likes to mix influences from all corners of the world. He has written soundtracks for the doom of the earth, written music for theater and dance and sound-designed hockey arenas. In 2014 came the debut album Brain Mash, which for many was surprisingly a journey in sound art and dark ambient. A genre he continues to release music in alongside more dancing songs and above all remixes.

With his lightning-fast fingers on the turntables, Viktor usually uses DJ technology to create sound images and collage worlds, such as in the concept ‘Glitch Scratch’ where he uses 10 vinyl players like a polyphonic synth to build up sound worlds and music.

Slim has done colaborations on records with AKBLehnbergGörgen Antonsson and Singular and is a member of improband Hawaii (Johan Sundberg), metalband Dieselkopf, improband OLÅT (Eva Lindal, Thomas Bjelkeborn & Ida Lundén)  and avant-garde band Alderholmens Futuristiska (Olle Oljud & LEHNBERG).

Slim Vic is the director of Lamour Records. Since 2012 they have released over 150 records, both limited avant-garde ambient releases and Swedish grammy nominated techno artists. Lamour organize festivals and club nights in Sweden and Europe. The label also run Lamour Record Store in Gävle with a fine selection of Nordic electronic music on cassette and vinyl, Lamour Record Store.