Avra & Ida Long – Im Off With You

Avra and Ida Long is back with a track for late night drives,  dance floor drama or comfort for your new autumn obsession. 

I’m Off With You is a synth wave alternative sad pop song in dark dressing with distressed longing. A glimpse of promise, up beat and energetic groove with an infectious hook. Moody, sweeping and pulsating synths that drives us through spacious soundscape and the mania that echoes within a losing heart.

Avra has his background in the techno and house scene. He creates contemporary and indie fresh productions that perfectly matches Ida Long’s unique voice! Ida Long has her own solo project and her music has been heard in TV shows and various contexts both in Sweden and Asia.

Released October 20 2021
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat nr: lamour156dig

The promising new collaboration made Best Songs in 2020 playlist by Gaffa, one of Swedens biggest music magazines.

”Really unique underground vibes, and really quite intriguing vocals. Really cool processed, and excellent performed” – Beatradar

”Avra and Ida Long have made an absolute gold tune here. One of them rare tunes that doesn’t come around too often. Together, they are the perfect blend.” – The Sound Sniffer


Boot Music
“Ida Long is an Indie-Pop singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from the likes of Florence & The Machine and prides herself on the emotive impact of her music. Meanwhile, Avra leans more on the electronic side of things with a background in the Techno and House scene where he is one half of the duo Monotik. Their work so far had predominantly felt like it was an Avra track with Ida Long lending her versatile vocal palette to relatively closed off Dance grooves. That is until their most recent release ‘I’m Off With You’ which has seen quite a sonic shift for the pair – yet it is a shift that has lended itself perfectly to my ears.”
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Direct actu
“La collaboration Avra et Ida Long est née dans la pop, l’électro et par la scène. Même si musicalement cela sonne très Pop, elle a une énergie qui provient des bas fond de l’underground. C’est quelque chose de fort, de poignant et même l’image de son clip apporte ce sentiment particulier que ce mélange aussi étrange qu’il soit ouvre la voie à une personnalité qui lui est propre…”
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Discover Nu
“Thanks to The Weeknd’s outstanding hit single “Blinding Lights”, we’re hearing more synth-infused pop songs out there— although some are less memorable than the ones we love. Swedish musicians Ida Long and Avra have combined synthwave with alternative pop to create the infectiously catchy “I’m Off With You”. The upbeat song is perfect for different occasions such as late night drives, dancing or just chilling with your significant other in autumn.”
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Misha DJ
“Креативные шведские музыканты из дуэта Avra & Ida Long продолжают эксперименты над электро-поп саундом и на своем новом сингле «I´m Off With You» представили что было бы если Lykke Li и Kavinsky пересмотрели Stranger Things и сделали ребенка-вундеркинда. Пожалуй, лучше просто не скажешь и этот ретро-вайб с нежным вокалом, пульсирующим звуком синтезаторов и яркой перкуссией работает просто великолепно, и эта мелодия может стать отличным лекарством против осенней хандры.”
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Zero mag
“Nu över till en elektronisk dansgolvsrökare, som både har åttiotalsvibbar och låter 2021.
Bakom maskinerna står technoproducenten Avra, som bjuder på rullande trummor, arpeggios och aggressiva basgångar.
Bakom mikrofonen hittar vi dansaren, sångerskan och artisten Ida Long, vars vackra röst tidigare hörts i olika tv-produktioner.”
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Indie Criollo
“Gracias a Dios encontramos la canción perfecta para perder el control con toda la clase que necesitábamos. Avra & Ida Long tiene un nivel alucinante de pausas, que te lleva al máximo de deseo dentro de lo que buscas a cada motivo.”
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“With a wobbly beat and a light-hearted mood, the song “I’m Off With You” floats over the speakers. The song “I’m Off With You” was written by the Swedish artists “Avra & Ida Long”. The song builds up a lot of drama, which in turn meets the infinitely sad and heartbreaking vocals. A combination that casts a spell over you. So let yourself be drawn into the melancholic spell of the song “I’m Off With You”.”
Read full post at: https://electrozombies.com/music/discover/avra-ida-long-im-off-with-you/

Dusty Organ
“Swedish synth-pop artist Ida Long and producer Avra have come together for their ’80s-powered tune “I’m Off With You” and its accompanying choreographed music video. Curated with late night drives and moody dance floor drama in mind, the synth wave track is powered by a pulsating synthesizer and sci-fi soundtrack flourishes for a catchy and textural experience.”
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Ceasar live n Loud
Swedish producer Avra has teamed up with fellow singer-songwriter Ida Long to deliver a gorgeous piece of synthpop music titled I’m Off With You.  Out now via Lamour Records, I’m Off With You is a synth-heavy song about longing and is wrapped around a memorable production that blends upbeat and energetic groove with moody, sweeping and pulsating synths and an infectious hook that make it perfect for late night drives, dance floor drama or comfort for your new autumn obsession. I am particularly fond of Ida Long’s gorgeous vocals and how the bright synths instantly create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that I think you will enjoy.
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