Axel E – Silverhöjd Remixed

Silverhöjd with Axel E is a tasteful result of what can happen when a 16-year-old producer from a Swedish small town manages to settle within the colossal EDM genre. He has created music that hundreds of thousands of people dance themselves sweaty when Axwell/\Ingrosso, Martin Garrix and others put it in their USB and in front of recurring times at the world’s largest festivals.

But living in a city that has been colored by decades of more experimental underground scenes and especially in recent years a very strong ambient scene puts their footprints even in a young producer’s music creation. ‘Silverhöjd’ is a profound melodic houseware that is mixed by as much imaginative ambient. NOW we will during the summer, fall and winter get the track remixed by an strong army of 9 producers, all from the Lamour hometown Gävle!

• Silverhöjd (Robin Forest Remix) – July 22
• Silverhöjd (Nocturne Remix) – August 13
• Silverhöjd (Catterfly Remix) – September 4
• Silverhöjd (Ettrettioett Remix) – September 25
• Silverhöjd (Magnus Moody Remix) – October 16
• Silverhöjd (Maneten’s Cosmoflute RMX) – November 
• Silverhöjd (Alpha Mound Remix) – November 27
• Silverhöjd (Kentomens Nattmössa) – December 18
• Silverhöjd (Axel E Remix) – January 
8 2020

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Sten Backman

Robin Forest