Because we love music! 2016

During 24 days and nights we are going to present you with an unique song, mix or a recording previously never released, with artist related or loved by Lamour Records. Everything is free for download and if this calendar strikes any resemblance with X-mas calendars, it’s all just an imaginary coincidence.

We do this –  because we love music!

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All tracks mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
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December 24th 2016
the last day of this years ‘Because we love music’ marathon. We hope you all liked what you have heard and at the same time, we hope you got some new experiences in genres you otherwise wouldn’t listen to. This is the last day we are not going to givie you one song, we are giving you FIVE! Information techno gurus Motormännen, noise veteran Olle Oljud, glitcher comeback from FAP, new collaboration called Helpdesk (Maneten and Piraten) and sound art from label boss; Slim Vic. Wish you all the best!


You have reached Helpdesk. Superlocal. After years and years of playing records together Dennis Söderström & David Holm finally in late 2016 took a night off to try to record a track. The vision is to combine both members DJ styles and hopefully have some secret cuts to let loose spring/summer season 2017. This is roughly the first 4-5 hours of work, the track is named after one of Gävle citys much scenic streets thats features a music store, police station, sex shop, museum and also crossing the wonderful Gavle-river. If you somehow find yourself play ’Urban Disc Golf’ in the area and you go out of bounds into the river you can simply bring out a new disc and use either side of the river as a reasonable drop zone. Hope you’ll like the track, thanks for your time. Happy X-mas and stay tuned for future workouts. Also big thanks to Lamour and Slim for featuring us in the project and giving us a much needed push and deadline.olle2728-9

December 23rd 2016
Tvåfemtvå is a miniature with strong inspiration from the composer John Cage’s works for prepared piano. This music was long in my thoughts but the opportunity never arose until in May 2016 in the Alpha Studio at Visby Composers Centre Sweden. A pianist would never be able to play this work so it had to be a friendly humanoid with a third arm that had to do the job.

Thomas Bjelkeborn is a composer, musician and sound artist. He is one of the initiators of IDKA, PUSH Festival Gävle and Club Lamour Fylkingen Stockholm. He often collaborates with international institutions and internationally active composer / musician at residences in UK, Spain, France and other countries, and tours frequently in Europe with live electronic ensemble SQ / Sound Quartet.
Listen to the album Penguin Silhouettes by SQ on Spotify or buy the CD

December 22nd 2016

The hardware based project PRO424 is back with an heavier sound than before, less ambient and more techno!
Check out the album ‘Immune’ released 2015 on Spotify or vinyl and the cassette 424 1

December 21th 2016
“The past, flickering on the inside of the eyelids. A million fragments of memory to force open the future. . . .”
The Wooden Body – A Flickering Past (Matt Howden/Katt Hernandez/Per Åhlund)
Listen to the EP ‘Aftermath Quietudes‘ released on Lamour 2016. Spotify or buy the cassette

December 20th 2016
“Out of the bottomless archives… It’s four different parts of music/sound in one (not so) long sequence. Don’t quite remember what I was gonna do with these originally. There were probably plans for a tape or something. The theme was/is a fictitious journey to document primitive, transcendent rituals performed by these isolated, ancient tribes that worship the sun and it’s deity – hence the name.”
Listen to Oskar Moberg ‘Grå Materia’ on Spotify or buy the cassette

December 19th 2016
Dan Fröberg performs an improvisation on the swarmandala, “A pattern of meaning”, taken from his work “Announcements from the void”; 33 recorded pieces during 366 nights, of which this is no. 3.

December 18th 2016

While David was touring Asia with his band THE DEER TRACKS he started to make music that later became his own cassette tape ’Namah’, released on Lamour Records in March 2016. The Bansuri is a transverse flute of South Asia made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six or seven finger holes. An ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radah and is also depicted in Buddhist paintings from around 100 CE. The Bansuri is revered as a divine instrument and is often associated with mythological accounts having a spellbinding and enthralling effect not only on the people, but even on the animals. Follow LEHNBERG on Spotify

December 17th 2016

Emma Sörensen
pres. Catterfly is a solo project by Emma Sorensen. She explores the different types of music whereshe mixes electronic experimental music with acoustic elements like vocals, flute, harmonica and accordion. Catterfly has remixed several released from Lamour
“Klockorna klämta i lekfull dans. Sirenerna längta under isens glans. Känn den smärta då vatten brista. Barna hjärta i vattnet mista.”

December 16th 2016

“Oips” comes from a recording of an album that is a tribute to the kraut group Cluster.
Igor/Mikael Strömberg has been working as a musician and artist in text-sound-picture context since the early 1980s. He gets up in the morning and feel if there is a “music day”, perhaps a “text day”, possibly a “day of filming” or just plain unusual day. The actual uncertainty is a prerequisite. It usually result in radio shows, books, articles, CDs, exhibitions, sound installations and film music. For example, three acclaimed text-sound works together with the cartoonist Joakim Pirinen: Africa (2005), The birds’ wonderful life (2007) and Beauty Murders (2008). He has written electronic music to art air and smoke sculptures, exhibited throughout the cities as sound monuments, designed sound for trucks, started a sound atlas of endangered sounds mm.
Listen to the ambient masterpiece ‘Fast and Slow’ from Igor released on Lamour 2015 Spotify or buy the vinyl

December 15th 2016
The 90s seemed like so much fun, but now days, i am not so sure they actually were. Yeah sure we had raves, clubs, breaks, drum & bass, damm i met my loved one in the 90s. But time can sometimes change your prospective on ideas and events.
This is personal look on the 90s (since enough time passed) to the days of early breaks. The title of the track is taken from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”. Written and produced by Yair Etziony at Bosse studios Friedrichshain Berlin, at that time we were moving apartment so in each day that passed, i had less and less equipment to use. Yair Etziony (Born 1975 Petach Tiqwa Israel. Currently lives in Berlin) Since 2002, Yair Etziony is a key member of the electronic music scene in Tel Aviv. He curated\DJed\Played live in many electronic music events in Israel and world wide. Yair Curated the famous Exercise nights, Laptopia and Micropeople events. In the past he worked with Goethe institute Tel Aviv. He has shared the stage with artists such as: Frank Bretschneider, Ulrich Schnuass, Apparat, Thomas Brinkman, Alec Empire, Laruent Garnier, Phil Niblock, Damo Suzuki and many others. Yair curated arranged and participated in many artist workshops in Israel. Yair is also running the label False Industries, where he releases music from friends and artists from all over the world. Always a trailblazer, Yair was one of the first artists in Israel to use laptops as a main tool on stage, Now he uses a wide array of analog and digital devices to push his ideas forward.
Listen to the Lamour released album ‘3 Stigmata’ on Spotify

December 14th 2016
OESTERGAARDS operates in Älvkarleby, Dagerman’s birthplace. The music is a reaction to the black-painted future with an elitist view of humanity, shattered economies and political depression. Above cynical scenes and behind a curtain of Kropotkin’s beard we stand with one eye on the devastated northern spruce and the other eye deep cut in disused mines. A barren and wet darkness, an expectant and redemptive riot, an improvised dystopian landscape. Photo: Maria G Nilsson

December 13th 2013
“a song to capture stillness and movement”
Christopher Llarks (aka c. jeely) was born April 1976 in Birmingham, AL., and spent his teenage years playing guitar and singing in a handful of local bands. It was in these local bands that Chris began exploring his love of melodies and ambient textures, and discovered inspiration from the fiercely independent spirit of early American Hardcore. Initially his sound was crafted and honed using multiple analog delay pedals, amp volume and 4-track cassette recording techniques. Later on, under the guise of Accelera Deck (1996-2006), Chris utilized digital sound processing to create an even more abstract sound. It has been the marriage of these two seemingly unrelated sound worlds that has given birth to Chris’ underlying philosophy to “always seek the merger of opposing ends of the spectrum, like the yin and yang, or the push and pull of noise and melody.” And finally, Chris created Llarks after a time spent writing, and rediscovering his approach to recording and releasing music. This is truly the sound of a man following his heart through sheer perseverance and twenty years of independent artistry.
Credits: guitar and trumpet by c.jeely. music by c.jeely (c) 2016, bmi
Listen to the Lamour release ‘Radio Starslide Forever’ on Spotify or buy the cassette

December 12th 2016
Rugged silk, Maneten, the bubbly output of Gefle based music enthusiast and Lamour label aficionado David Holm. With a somewhat sparse output of late this track is originally a unfinished recording from 2008 thats been re produced and arranged October 2016 for this sole purpose in mind. A typical Maneten sound with the main roots in house with additional layering, flippy floppy fx, wet soundscape and a somewhat naive straight figure and arrangement. The song is named after the most radical shoes 1998 as hommage to the days when you didn’t need a skateboard to go beast mode on a handrail. Hope you like it. Happy x-mas.
Listen to the Maneten releases #Twimo and #Twimo remixed on Spotify

December 11th 2016

Vocals by Richard Sseruwagi, percussion by Sebastian Åberg.
Processing made at EMS by Jan Liljovic.
Janne Liljovic aka Dr. Jayne Insane released the noise vinyl ‘Anti Art alliance’ on Lamour 2014, check it out!

December 10th 2016

From the deep forest of Värmland – close to Lake Vänern, Stenbit search for the perfect sound. A sound that slowly changes over time and becomes something new out of old. The future is unwritten. Stenbit will release “Unfocused”, his 9th album later next year.
Listen to the album ‘The Fall‘ on Spotify, release on Lamour Records 2013

December 9th 2016

Francis Heery – Field Recording 06-05-2016
“Processed nightingale and computer sounds”.
Francis Heery is a composer and sound artist from Ireland. His compositions have been premiered by some of the world’s leading performers of contemporary music and his sound art has been performed / broadcast in many countries in Europe and in the USA. www.francisheery.com
Listen to the release Cascade, released on Lamour February 2016 Spotify | Buy cassette

December 8th 2016

In October the Finland based Filya Trevelyan released the cassette and digital album ‘Last man Dancing’ on Lamour. That album was an intense acid and techno album which contained the highly appreciated and well-played track Berlin.
On this track Filya goes more into the instrumental hiphop and big beat and gives us the lovely Risen.
Filiy has previously released albums on 909London and also produces a lot of ambient under the alias Augustus Bro, where he released music on, among others Somehow Recordings (UK), Vent Sounds (UK), ADX Records (RO) and Element Perspective (JP)
Listen to Last man dancing on Spotify or buy the cassette

December 7th 2016
Plasma Fuse is a musical collective in which visions, predictions and music, takes listeners through a landscape of emotions.
Crows in the cornfield” Crows are has always been a sign of troubled times. We live in troubled times, but it has to be dark before it become bright again. This is the first song on an epic journey where the world is reflected through the crow’s eye.

December 6th 2016
LVST is a new ‘Northern wave’ project by Gävle producer Jimmy Koskinen.

December 5th 2016

Gefle-based Magnus Moody has for the last 20 years produced his own music and remixed artists such as The Deer Tracks. His productions are fresh, forward thinking, and always with the dance floor in mind. He loves to transform other artists music, bringing the songs in other directions, trying to extract the core of the songs, re-arranging and exaggerating the characteristics of the songs, giving them his own dark touch.

December 4th 2016
när slaggstenen försvinner när det gamla ska bort
minnen om en tid om en stad och ett bruk ska byggas bort
en stad som ska se ut som stad ingen historia inget förflutet
allt måste anpassas så dom kan sälja så vi kan köpa
den nya staden där människans röst sakta tynar bort
den nya staden som dom andra städerna
den nya staden

The new material [krig] is working on called bruksdub. A darker and slower variant of Sandviken dub. [krig] want with the new music explore the mill and the town we live and work in. We are currently working with more variety of artwork that the new music will be influenced by, and slowly emerge from.
Listen to [krig] on Spotify | Buy [krig] vinyl in Lamour Record Store

December 3rd 2016

JIN&DAUN, a duo with their own special style called; Kurdish Electronic Meditation, here presents an exclusive LIVE-recording from Club Lamour at the legendary Cafe OTO in London June 21st 2016. The Malmö born duo now resides in London.
Listen to Jin&Daun on Spotify

December 2nd 2016
AKB – The Door

So, I had a high pitched repetitive note on my brain for days, kind of like a monotonous chant on repeat in my head. Like a whistle or a wail, or your worst tinnitus episode. I figured the only way to get rid of it was to surround and clothe it, give it a context and an object. Not disguise it per say, but rather enhance and embellish it, combining this unnerving tone with others – both alike and opposite – consequently making it not just bearable but ultimately infatuating. And the question is would you have heard it if I wouldn’t have told you? www.facebook.com/musicakb
Photo: Stéfan Estassy
Listen to the EP Söndagsbarn on Spotify

December 1st 2016
The song “Sunken Skeleton” is the original title of the last song from my latest EP “The Constellation of a Pond”. But after a lot of reworking it got a slightly less dark title and was released under the name “The Moon’s reflection later that night”. So this is an earlier version of the same material, more drone and more, well, sunken.
Alpha Mound is the solo project of Joakim Westlund. Starting out with acoustic songs sprinkled with electronics the musical focused have since shifted to primarily electronic music in the form of ambient and soft-techno. Find more at:www.alphamound.com