Because We Love Music! 2019

For the fifth year in a row, Lamour presents ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical range of the label and collects artists associated with Lamour.
Every day for 26 days we get a new song. On December 24th all songs will be avaliable via streaming platforms. We do this – because we love music!
All tracks mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

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December 26th
Yair Etziony – Island in the net

Photo: Sivan Zeimer

In November 2019, we “started” living in the chronicles of the classic 80s science fiction movie: “Blade Runner”, it got me to thinking about past, present and the future. I still remember watching the movie and thinking: “how would my life look like? in 2019?”

Taken from his forthcoming release for Lamour, Etziony’s “Island in the net” sees him moving from making dark monochromatic drones to something different, since he was a dj for many years, he as a strong connection with UK bass, 2 step and Drum & Bass music, which he re-connects to lately.

But this is not your regular jump up 2 step but a cinematic Cyberpunk inspired tune that fuses early 80s soundtracks with bitter sweet drones.
like the whole album this tune is about the look for islands of normality in the the vast network we are slowly fusing our psyche now days.
Yair Etziony on Spotify
December 25th
Slim vic – Basinkomst (Tool)

Your daily dose of bass, served as an 18 minute cure of low-frequency sonic landscapes. Feel free to experiment and add ingredients.
Slim Vic on Spotify
December 24th

A Thousand Mouths – Electrified Coast Line

A reminder that there are absolutely beautiful beaches with associated beautiful water to swim in, which may nevertheless be influenced by climate and weather (because is everything guaranteed to be brighter on the other side?) is what this piece is about and represents (for me personally.) /A Thousand Mouths
A Thousand Mouths on Spotify
December 23th

Plasmafuse – I dreamed about whales

Plasmafuse is an electronica band that has grown out of the ground surrounding, industrial metal scene, but have replaced the guitars to synths and samplers. Plasma Fuse is also born out of interest in space, robots and the electronic world we live in.
Plasmafuse on Spotify
December 22th
Ettrettioett – Ledmotivet

The coastal wind rushes through the forest and into circuits and soul. Run a script and find hope & love, bright outcomes and rejuvenation of the mind.
Look outside the window. Stare into a jungle of pines, dive in. This one goes deep
Ettrettioett on Spotify
December 21th
Jimmy Koskinen – Frame of Thought

Swedens best kept techno secret, Jimmy Koskinen is back with an old school hammering techno track ready for 2020!
Jimmy Koskinen on Spotify
December 20th
Sandklot – Atarakt

Drawn from the Swedish forests and darkness, the duo Sandklot create dim and hypnotic electronic music. With ambient and drone as foundation, rhythmic and sometimes chaotic layers of techno are added for the listener to drown in.

In the creative process, Sandklot let music and video influence each other. Together, it builds a holistic and suggestive entity of overwhelming sound and visuals.
Sandklot on Spotify
December 19th
Motormännen – Sveti Petar

The song is a homage to the croatian town Sveti Petar.
Motormännen on Spotify
December 18th
Olle Oljud – The Blinking

Lamour records proudly presents composer and visual
artist Olle Oljud, one of the most beloved artists in
Sweden’s experimental music sphere.
December 17th

AKB – Antipode

A tunnel to the other side of the earth, a straight line through the core. Diametrical opposites and subjective realities.
AKB on Spotify
December 16th
Niels Gordon – See

This tiny fragile song was standing left alone in the studio after the upcoming album ‘Land’ was finished. Niels Gordon new album will be released on vinyl via Lamour spring 2020. The German word for Sea is see.
Niels Gordon on Spotify
December 15th
Alderholmens Futuristiska – Scórpio

Alderholmens Futuristiska is the collaboration between Slim Vic, Olle Oljud and LEHNBERG.
Together they explore a soundscape shifting between gentle ambient and rhythmical cacophony.
They have released two albums.
‘Dåtid’ on Calkatraz cassette: shop.lamour.se/shop/cassette/ald…turistiska-datid/
‘Nutid’ on at Do you dream of Noise? shop.lamour.se/shop/cassette/ald…turistiska-nutid/

Lehnberg – Synths & drum machines.
Olle Oljud – Objects & noise devices.
Slim Vic – Turntables & effects.
Alderholmens Futuristiska on Spotify
December 14th
LEHNBERG – Slavery

Ignorance is the greatest slave master of them all.
LEHNBERG on Spotify

December 13th

Magnus Moody – Crazy

Let´s go back to the old school!
Magnus Moody on Spotify
December 12th
Singular – Månarna

Today, on the twelfth of December, the midwinter full moon rises. Singular’s Månarna (’The Moons’) is dedicated to its soothing sheen in the darkness. A gentle and cool piano melody sprouts, transforms and shoots upwards through layers of noise, distortion and rumbling bass before finally coming to rest on a soft wisp of cloud floating beneath the deep blue foundation of the sky.
Singular on Spotify

December 11th
Robin Forest – I Forgot (Weekend)

Robin Forest’s song is an up-tempo Edit of one of his more sad songs. The edit is now rays of happiness and dance and he hopes it inspires some 2-steps around the Christmas tree
Robin Forest on Spotify
December 10th
Llarks – Virga Blue

Virga Blue was selected by Viktor Zeidner for the Llarks contribution to “Because We Love Music 2019”, and is a new song taken from the forthcoming “Come & Close Your Eyes LP” due out in 2020 on Lamour.
Llarks on Spotify
December 9th
Oestergaards – Тикси (Live at PUSH Festival 2019)

Tiksi (Russian: Ти́кси) is recorded live from the Push Festival 2019, an improvised electro-acoustic drone piece inspired by the photo exhibition Bright Hours by Karl Henrik Edblom at Sandviken Art Hall.

“In August 1901, Russian Arctic ship Zarya headed across the Laptev Sea, searching for the legendary Sannikov Land but was soon blocked by floating drift ice in the New Siberian Islands. During 1902, the attempts to reach Sannikov Land continued while Zarya was trapped in fast ice. Leaving the ship, Russian Arctic explorer Baron Eduard Toll and three companions vanished forever in November 1902 while traveling away from Bennett Island towards the south on loose ice floes. Zarya was finally moored close to Brusneva Island in the Tiksi Bay, never to leave the place again.” /Wikipedia
Oestergaards on Spotify

December 8th
Mikael Strömberg – Gilgamesh

The story of Gilgamesh’s strange life was written down on clay tablets almost 4,000 years ago. As a hero story, it contains everything: adventurous intricacies, eroticism and struggle. At the same time, the epic is an existential drama. In his youth, Gilgamesh seeks fame through great deeds, but after his best friend’s death, he embarks on a long hike. The fact that he finally finds the source of wisdom raises a number of timeless questions: How to achieve wisdom? What is fame worth? Gilgamesh is the world’s oldest literary work and is spread throughout the entire Orient. Research has shown that both the Bible, the Odyssey, the Iliad and the Thousand and One Nights are influenced by the Gilgamesh epic.
This is my electronic version of the story. The piece was recorded already at the turn of the millennium in 2000 with my one daughter Frida, then five years, at the microphone. I wanted the contrast between a child’s unspoiled and unspoken voice and the mutant and sometimes merciless sounds of electronics. The piece has been played at a number of electronic music festivals around the world but is still unreleased. /Mikael Strömberg a.k.a. Igor
Listen to Mikael/Igor on Spotify
December 7th
Göteborgselektronikerna – Österut, hem

Day 7. Göteborgselektronikerna (Gothenburg Electronics) – Österut, hem. Our favorites from Gothenburg are back with their classic synth sound with easily processed vocals.
Göteborgselektronikerna on Spotify
December 6th
Daniel Araya – Machine-Phase Systems

Daniel Araya from Stockholm, Sweden splits his music creation into periods of playing live, building synths and trying to record techno and acid bangers in his home studio. For years he had all his focus on playing live and developing the ultimate live rig but since 2013 he has started to release a steady trickle of records in various genres with a sound revolving around acid techno and the golden years of rave.
Daniel Araya on Spotify
December 5th

Alpha Mound – Reel Box

Reel Box started as an attempt to do a live recording with a music box recorded sound-on-sound to a open reel player, accompanied by a granulated and pre-recorded version of the music box as well. When the live version fell through I started cutting it up and rearranging it in Ableton to what you hear now. Here you can see part of the first attempt and also hear the recording of the sounds that became the foundation of the final song: www.instagram.com/p/Bu1JFmkI9lz/?u…ig_web_copy_link
Alpha Mound on Spotify
December 4th 2019
Maneten – Skittlez

Add artificial sweetener. Be kind, pick up the phone.
This track is programmed & recorded in the post phase of the ”Digital Full Length Exclusive”-release earlier this year. The sound & modus operandi is usual Maneten Myspace aesthetics, spoken word sample loops, a cute pad, MIDI BASS & the shake in the top end. A little nugget of aspartam in the dessert buffet, a static vibration of emo feel good. lT deployment boogie. Eagles born to fly.
Recorded at Run Run Brick Basement. Mixed at Lamour Studios, August 2019.

Please follow on SC & Spotify 4 forthcoming releases thru 2020. Thanks for listening, hope you’ll like it. Sincerely /David
Maneten on Spotify
December 3rd 2019
Catterfly – Låt från någonstans

Flute from a “Låt från någonstnas – Song from somewhere” is heard over frozen landscapes, mountains and woods.
Listen to Catterly on Spotify
December 2nd 2019
Nicke Sandberg – Details

The basic idea of the song was to work with details in the layers of sound. Every layer in this song is improvised as a one live take and this I should add is also one of my favorite ways of approaching music, to let the moment carry the creativity. This time around it brought me small and sometimes sudden variations of sounds that came and went and essiantaly creating a flow of music within the details of the song.
Nicke Sandberg on Spotify
December 1st 2019
PRO424 – Blueprint

“I wrote this piece to combine the highly artificial sounds of algorithmic music with the sounds that surrounds us every day. On a low level, both of these sounds follows a blueprint to what you are going to hear and their individual complexity on a top level is simply combinations of these immense blueprints. Some parts of the sounds are easy to predict while others seem to just happen. I wanted to explore this combination and have these two very different soundscapes work together with the use of field recordings and digital, mostly algorithmic modular synth patch. Most of the modular programming and all field recordings were done a few hundred meters from where the structure of DNA, the blueprint of life, was first presented in 1953.”
PRO424 on Spotify