Because We Love Music 2020!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

Selection and executive producer: Viktor Zeidner
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Cat. nr: lamour135dig


December 31st 2020
Weaknot – Venus´ Kiss

Weaknot is the one-man music project owned by Giacomo “Jack” Lippolis, Italian born producer/singer/songwriter. Spacing through myriads of electronic musical facets, Weaknot involves a constant evolving personal sound and mindful words sung by himself, adding tons of intimate thoughts and piping irony to a discernable and experimental music style influenced mainly by Techno, Ambient soundscapes, Glitched atmospheres and intense Songwriting music.

December 30th 2020
Niels Gordon – Helio (LEHNBERG Remix)
LEHNBERG returns to his soft ambient side as he takes on Niels Gordon’s Helio from the album Land. The original’s fate-saturated synth melodies get a light energy boost here, but still take the sound to a deeper level. (Photo Petra Rönnholm / Cold War Night Life)

December 29th 2020
Yair Etziony – The other days

I wrote the composition right after returning from a visit to Israel and a little bit before the country went into a 2nd quarantine. The name is a reference for a famous after-war song by the poet Haim Heffer, trying to find a bit of bitter optimism in the current affair.
Yair Etziony is a producer, composer, curator, label owner, DJ, and leader of psychedelic rock bands. He is an influential figure in the Israeli electronic music scene, currently living in Berlin. (Photo Sivan Zeimer)

December 28th 2020
Techlevel – Aortic Dissection

We are all standing in Death’s waiting room – every day, every second. Sometimes you are reminded of it in brutal ways, but when the crisis has passed and you’re still on the right side of the door, make sure that you enjoy whatever you have. So take care of your life and everything you love.
Techlevel currently consists of me, Johan Jernstedt, but has a history with some more participants. I have been creating electronic music since 1989 and I live in the town of Lidköping, Sweden, since 1999. My interest for weird sounds has guided me both in my music and my professional career as an acoustician. Musically, I tend to aim for darker, harder moods – the music becomes a pressure valve that keeps me in a good mood.

December 27th 2020
Permafrost AC – Längs piren

Soundtrack to a walk along a pier on a gray rainy autumn day. In the background, rusty cranes, tracks with abandoned goods finches, steel skeletons from machines that no one knows what they were used for can be seen.
Permafrost AC is the moniker of Krister Mörtsell, the man behind the cassette label Do you dream of noise?

December 26th
AKB – Mareld

Blaring rays and pealing rings across the sonic field, swaying in and out and from side to side. Step into this winter’s tale with its firing waves and endless trails, illuminated only by the moonlight.

December 25th (part 2)
Maneten – Into Existence

David Holm (AKA Maneten/DJ Davva) takes a slight detour from the significant Maneten wilder neo house-sound. An attempt to go to a place in the memory, terrazas, emo dance bars, humid august nights. Because in wintertime, South Norrland Sweden, you’ll a little bit of trance. Track works on a Jetski, works on a snowmobile. No roof, no limit, let it ring, keep it wet. Merry X-Mas & Hope you’ll enjoy. /David

December 25th (part 1)
Anders Ilar & John H – Raia Mobular

The Swedish techno and acid workaholics Anders Ilar and John H slows down the pace and go deep with this slow funk acid bubbler.
The track is made with a TB-303 Devil Fish, Raia Mobular

December 24th 2020
Singular – Isen (Liveremix)

In the live remix of their own track ‘Isen’ (‘The Ice’) Singular moves through biting snow on a glacier of pitch black crystal. A piercing winter wind whirls over the frozen expanse. Dawn looms deep in the mighty dark.
Singular – Piano & Bass. Distortion & noise.

December 23rd 2020
nordBeck – Lateralmärke

A physical and mental movement from city to country.
The search for harmony and inspiration.
As an illuminated fairway, we head out into the unknown waters and navigate our way to our intermediate destinations.
nordBeck has been active since the early 1990s and is visible on both live scenes and record releases.
Malmö has always been the home base for nordBeck, although most of the creation happened when he was traveling, where the calm outside the city becomes a great inspiration.

December 22th 2020
Jimmy Svensson – Escape the grid

Escape The Grid is about the contrast of life and trying to break the grid for a day. From the brutal awakening in the morning to the adventures of the day and the warm embrace as you arrive back home at the end of it all. It wanders from beautiful soundscapes to brutal sonic exploration.
Stockholm based composer Jimmy Svensson writes dreamy soundscapes reminiscent of Blade Runner-esque worlds with a hint of 80s mind-bending sci- fi adventures hiding in the mist. Haunting, yet beautiful tones tie together the dark soundscapes with analog sounding arpeggios and shimmering bell sounds.

December 21th 2020
A Thousand Mouth – Thaw

From white silence to the noise of waking, green is on the horizon. The process begins.
This meltdown. Once a given symbios.
In water once carried. In blue, we might wash away.
Thaw, observed by some.

A Thousand Mouths is the moniker of Malmö based Anders Walldén.
December 20th 2020
BOP (Thomas Bjelkeborn & Paul Pignon) ft. Martin Claussen – Didgechant

Floating, Didgechant moves along a sublime sound horizon in an elusive soundscape where voices and instruments are reborn in deep symbiosis with electronic extensions and sounds. The music was created during a prolific residency in Vienna as prequel to the Sonic Territories festival 2019 with BOP (Bjelkeborn electronics & Pignon reeds, flutes & didgeridoo) ft. Martina Claussen voice & electronics.

Thomas Bjelkeborn is a swedish sound artist primarily established as EAM composer for international festivals, often in the context of residencies at prominent music institutions. In his work, he investigates the relationship between traditional acoustic instruments and it’s electronic extensions, where new physical-digital instruments often are combined with advanced audiovisuals. He is curating regular concerts in Stockholm and tours frequently in Europe with various live electronic ensembles.
Photo: Sonic Territories

December 19th 2020
Skallahavet – Vräkig

Behind Skallahavet is Kajsa Magnarsson who, since we last saw her, changed Gothenburg’s open airs to open preschool in Årsta.

Right now she is working under her own name on a Raymond Scott-inspired relaxation album. Hopefully it goes better with it than with the sequel to Skallahavet’s album Häxdisko which seems to be difficult to finish.————————————-
December 18th 2020 (part 2)
Monopolx – Warcom (Pehr Herb Remix)

Monopolx is an electronic band from Stockholm, which started with the self-released EP Debris 2018, and has since released some EPs, singles and music videos. The music and compositions are often experimental but try to balance against more accessible sound. The productions mix old and new electronics and technology.

Pehr Herb has turned Warcom into a techno banger with a clear acid character adapted for the hard dance floor.
December 18th 2020 (part 1)
Underwater Simian – Acid Shoreline

Acid Shoreline is the first track from Stefan Heidevik’s Underwater Simian-project. A melancholic acid track inspired by the rocky shoreline of Hallshuk near his ancestral homeregion of Hall on Gotland. The common thread throughout Underwater Simian’s music is the longing for the open sea, stormy horizons and the allure and fear of the deep.

Stefan Heidevik has been active in the swedish electronic music scene since the mid 90’s and has released music on Börft Records with Peel MD and has a new EP out on Rotterdam Electronix as A. Stantz. He also run the label Nerike Primate that highlight new electronic music hailing from swedish smalltown communities.
December 17th
Nicke Sandberg – Get it

“Get up, get down…get out.Get it?”
On a daily basis, Nicke is a pilot with both private and important ambulance flights on the schedule. But he also has a musical expression that takes height! IDM, electronica, ambient and conceptual ideas make him one of Sweden’s perhaps most undiscovered and most interesting names on the electronic scene.

December 16th 2020
Through slow synths, melodies that make you hum, mixed with scratchy guitars, we form SIAMSIAM. We who play in SIAMSIAM began our journey in the dark post-punk, under the name Heedroom. The ambition with the music is to be able to create a dark but still beautiful life soundtrack for our listeners. SIAMSIAM’s members (Adrian Sverin, Jacob Bengtsson and Svante Westin Gustafsson) are all born and raised in Gävle, how much it affects SIAMSIAM’s music must be left unsaid.

December 15th 2020
Alpha Mound – Paus

“I feel that airy quality this song have makes me think of how the atmosphere is both moving around us in in the wind from one perspective but it’s translucency makes it look like it is standing still. It also correlates to how we sometimes experience time as moving too fast and barely at all.”

December 14th 2020
Clora – Rivet city

During 2020 i have mostly finished older tracks and projects. One evening in october i sat down and recorded some new ideas, Rivet City was one of the first songs i recorded and also one of the few songs recorded this weird year.
December 13th 2020
Catterfly – In i Rotvältan

The ghostly white forest creature in the sweetest song. It attracts us and plays in the soil of the forest. Into the decaying, underground world of root overthrow. Magic dance with insects and hidden creatures. Do not wake the hungry beast that is sleeping heavily!

December 12th 2020
LAIKA – Settle

LAIKA is just a simple artist hailing from the South of Sweden with an immense love for music in all of its shapes. Settle‘ is a track with the intent of portraying a complete atmospheric devouring of the moment together with percussions, pads and bass.

December 11th (part 2)
Magnus Moody – Twofold

Gefle based producer Magnus Moody grew up on a diet of synthpop, electro and Italo disco before broadening his sound into house music in the early 90s. Here with a track that combine two classic ingredients folded into one. It goes light and dark, clunky and deep, breaks and acid. Thanks for listening, hope you like it. Calibrate your audio antenna, there’s more to come.
December 11th (part 1)
TMUX – Artificial Flavors
Photo: Sivan Zeimer
Artificial flavors are chemical mixtures that mimic a natural flavor in some way.
It seems that everything that is around could be suspected as artificial. By taking inspiration from 90s IDM, Hardcore and Drum & Bass, 2step-Garage, heavy drones, and early Detroit techno, Under his new moniker Yair Etziony is weaving a narrative, one that is dealing with nowadays crisis but from with 90s and 80s perspective.
TMUX is Yair Etziony when he makes his own blend of Drum & Bass and post-dubstep.

December 10th
Llarks – Procession

“for autumn, forever.”

December 9th 2020
Shaperwave – Show me empathy
Shaperwave has been making music since the late 80’s, influences are Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, New Order and more.
Shaperwave is an electronic music project that is about bringing out emotions, created with vocoder voices to beautiful melody loops and electronic beats.
December 8th 2020
Avra & Ida Long – Losing Control

Losing Control is a jazz flirty, light and airy electronic track with pulsating vocals and some low key pop dopamine. About that exhilarating and gut wrenching feeling you get from being high on a new love. A breeze that balances organic and synthetic samples together with live instruments and a warm lofi feeling.
December 7th 2020
H-M O – Call for my soul
“The spoken word part of the song was born out of pure improvisation as life arranged for me having to sell my family home. I simply recorded myself speaking about the way I felt in the situation, and the other elements of the song gathered around that. I hummed, sang, played the piano, flapped the sales contract, touched the gravel on the yard and recorded all of it, attempting to capture the atmosphere of emptying the house. Bringing all those elements together and adding some electronic ambient vibes, the song was born, encapsulating my goodbye to the life left behind.”
December 6th 2020
Ljudvägg – Ändlöshet
“I only had the first phrase of Ändlöshet (infinity) when I started the recording. Not really knowing where the melody will end has always been the most rewarding composition tool for me. Tape echo was added after the recording of my felted piano and I like how it’s not really in sync with my playing. The melody was also sampled into my Octatrack. You can hear it enter in the background halfway through the song. /Ljudvägg (Filip Forsström)
December 5th 2020
Lisa & Kroffe – Invasiv art
Japanese Knotweed is a large species of herbaceous perennial plants native to east Asia. The invasive root system and strong growth can damage concrete foundations, buildings, flood defences, roads, paving, retaining walls and architectural sites.
In the garden of the archipelago summer house that Lisa & Kroffe acquired a few years ago, it was everywhere and now there is now an ongoing battle to limit and eradicate the invasive species.
The track was recorded in that same house in the late summer of 2019. More material from those sessions will be heard on upcoming full-length albums.————————————-
December 4th 2020
DA BOOK – Albinos
In the track ”Albinos” a french intellectual discussion is set against syncopated 808 drums, cut up style sounds and some dub influences with just a hint of drum and bass. As always, the goal for any DA BOOK track is this: If I could vision it being played at Radio Nova during nighttime and enjoyed from a car stereo in Paris, well then it has hit the mark for me at least.
December 3rd 2020
Whatever you catch or capture during your stay here on earth should be placed in the heart, not in a bag. If you can fit it in a bag, you’ll be better off throwing it away sooner than later in order to not let all those heavy bags weigh you down. You should be gravitating towards pure happiness, love and devotion of that very source and not become a collector of illusionary things.
December 2nd 2020
Slim vic – Nattdimma
From a dense fog, you step out of the forest and meet a coastline that draws the line between the infinity of the sea and the density of the forest. In the dream of the secret of the place, there are no boundaries or security, only you and your fight against the demons of the night.
December 1st 2020
Motormännen – Präposition

Präpositionen sind Adpositionen, die vor den Nominalphrasen stehen, für die sie die Funktion in einem Satz angeben. Die Rolle der Nominalphrase kann auch durch Nominalklauseln übernommen werden. Mit ihrem Objekt kann die Präposition räumliche oder zeitliche Adverbien bilden, was für die Präpositionen in weiter unten der Fall ist.