Because We Love Music 2021!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

All incomes from Bandcamp (after Paypal and Bandcamp fee) goes direct to Tim Bergling foundation and their work with suicide prevention and mental health and organisationen MÄN and their work for an equal and non-violent society.

Selection and executive producer: Viktor Zeidner
Mastered by Joakim Westlund*
Track 01 mastered by Jimmy Svensson
Track 07 mastered by Niklas Winde
Track 11 mastered by Anders Walldén
Track 16 mastered by Andreas Tilliander
Track 31 mastered by exm
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Cat. nr: lamour158dig

December 1st
Jimmy Svensson – Eternal Winter

Raging storms. I hope I had escaped.
It won’t end. Forever isolation.
Eternal winter.

Stockholm based composer Jimmy Svensson writes dreamy soundscapes reminiscent of Blade Runner-esque worlds with a hint of 80s mind-bending sci- fi adventures hiding in the mist. Haunting, yet beautiful tones tie together the dark soundscapes with analog sounding arpeggios and shimmering bell sounds.
https://open.spotify.com/artist/5THKjrwaxUhrzy5Bzvorri? si=MbtBRuwYTHS9bdkV4nP0iQ

December 2nd
Göteborgselektronikerna – Ett streck två

Behind the Göteborgselektronikerna window, you find the band’s most melancholy track to date. From a starting point with almost cinematic qualities (think Carpenter / Howarth), this work quickly emerged when the band members for a week in September embellished the story with their unique twist and turns. The mantra of the verse is mumbled through the biting wind at a deserted tram stop and leads to a lone whining melody in the chorus’ prelude. Winter is coming and even though you are chilled to the marrow, a ray of hope still breaks through in the yearning melodies.

Göteborgselektronikerna is a synth quintet based in Gothenburg. With great love for synths and music machines, they make music that likes to mix the genre’s classic expression with common, everyday themes. Strong melodies are topped off with vocoder-adorned lyrics about everything from public transport, youth parties- and relationships to rainy days with the kids on the playground. Everything is played live and the sounds are tweaked on the spot to find new expressions. The pipeline contains a new album that will follow up the 2016 debut: “Nattrafik

December 3rd
Singular & Slim Vic – Antarktis Sydkust

Slim Vic & Singular travels to the south coast of Antarctica and plays with the idea of the place’s secret, challenges and mystery. Singular’s hypnotic piano playing interacts with Slim Vic’s sense of samples in a playful composition where the sound world is constantly taking new paths.

December 4th
Martin Jarl – Dreams 02

The track Dreams-02 is a homage to my earlier days of going to raves and bunker parties. Darkness, tiles, sweat and the feeling of being inside a giant pumping techno womb. Connected yet totally isolated at the same time.

Martin Jarl.
– Deep comforting and soothing are the general aim of my musical outlet, it’s basically just therapy for myself. I’m humbled and glad others feel drawn to it.
I have a long-lasting relationship with electronic music in various forms and I generally try to stay open minded to all kinds of music.

December 5th
Llarks – Imagine

Llarks has spun an intricate weave of blurry guitars in an almost orchestral way on this, the opening song, from the album “Come and Close Your Eyes“, which was released on cassette by Lamour. 
By now we have come to expect, time and again, the haunting lo-fi beauty of Llarks to deliver gorgeous and understated ambient guitar. Come and close your eyes and imagine indeed!

December 6th
H-M O – Evolved Body and Soul

“I got the clarinet from Pond5: The Public Domain Project, it was recorded in Fresno, California in 1939 and is played by an Armenian musician called Mesrout Takakjian. It was recorded when the band he played in visited the U.S. When I heard that old clarinet I fell in love with the sound, so I made the whole song around it.”

December 7th
20Hz – Resonant rooms

20Hz is Erik Ångman, musician and sound designer who has made electronic music in various constellations since the 80s. He is also one-fifth of the band Göteborgslektronikerna who also contributes with a track for this year’s compilation.
20Hz has just released his latest album ‘Aether‘. The song ‘Resonant rooms’ was actually meant to be on ‘Aether’ but due to time constraints, it was left out from the album. The track is now instead released here on this year’s Because We Love Music compilation.

December 8th
Maneten – Sandbass

I woke up one morning to a new suburban landscape. The bright green electric scooters had infested the city. Finally our forsaken city got some shine, a faux feel of metropolism. I downloaded the app and be sure, i took the ride, I took the ride. Cold and wet in the dead of night, I exploded thru the heaps of rotten leaves and i fell, oh how fell. So alive. I got up and got home and i did this montage to soundtrack offroad scootering. No limits, no skill.

Thanks for listening
Please follow me on Spotify, much appreciated <3

December 9th
Moratorium – Svagt sken

Moratorium is a solo project from Krister Mörtsell that first took shape in the late 90s. By then he had for several years listened a lot to industry and ambient, especially from the record company Cold Meat Industry.
It started with very primitive equipment to record what I had thought would be a cassette, but for various reasons it ran into the sand. The project has been dormant since 2000, but during the summer of 2021 I found lots of cassettes and minidiscs with sounds, song ideas and demos. Most of it was nothing that I can stand for now, but a lot of nice sounds remained and some good ideas that I felt I had a greater opportunity to build something from now. So said and done, I started recording, some brand new, some with old samples and sounds and some new but built on old ideas. Here is the first song from what is supposed to be an album in 2022. The inspiration is still the 90’s Cold meat band, such as Deutsch Nepal, Raison D’etre, Sanctum, Desiderii Marginis etc.

December 10th
Mio Dal – Ram Bles St Ray

Mio moves freely between and is inspired by IDM, techno, electro, psytrance and psychedelic music. Usually in combination with visuals. The creation usually takes place with hardware and samples.

Ram Bles St Ray was created as an experiment in the state of straying. Listen to Lamour Podcast with Mio

December 11th
A THousand Mouths – Intrapersonal Tide

“Intrapersonal tide refers in this case to the ebb and flow within, the coming and going of thoughts, fantasies and emotions. Our “internal flow” and how it constantly dances with the mundane and the rigged.
The track was initially recorded live on a digital/analog hybrid setup and edited down for this compilation.”

December 12th
LEHNBERG – Average

Life is full of choices and a series of decisions.
The quality of your life is decided by the decisions you make and the actions you take. Don’t choose to be average.

December 13
Dereck Higgins – Shoomp

The track was propelled forward by an initial rhythmic pattern. The title was a gut response to the sounds that seemed to fit the feel of the rhythm.

Dereck Higgins has been active in music since the 70’s Dereck is known for his bass playing skills and diverse musical interests. He has played many styles from punk to jazz to blues to electronic to Cajun. Dereck’s current music projects include membership in the bands
InDreama, Cleemann, The Jewel Beast, Paddy O’Furniture, The Pat Higgins Trio as well as solo and guest appearances.

Photo by Ben Semisch

December 15th
Sven Fredrik – Memphis Flash (AKB Remix)

Slow, soothing and airy meets stirring felt piano and rustling voice samples.
Equilibrist drummer Sven Fredrik released his self-titled debut earlier this fall. Now it’s time for the track Memphis Flash to get a whole new modern classical outfit by the hands of record label mate AKB.

The original song Mephis Flash is from Sven Fredrik´s debut album, released on Lamour autumn 2021.

December 15
Erko – Edena

Erko, the hardware lover and label owner of Good Golly makes his first release on Lamour.
Smooth electronica with a touch of electro and acid.

December 16
Ulf Ivarsson & Ismael Ataria

Ismael Ataria – Spoken Word/Sång
Kristin Olsson – Kör
Ulf Ivarsson- Synthezisers, Roland 808, samples, efx.

Mixed and produced by Ulf Ivarsson @ Noise HiFi centre of sound Stockholm
Mastered by Andreas Tilliander @ Repeatle studios, Stockholm
Photo Ismael Ataria: Heléne Grynfarb
Photo Ulf Ivarsson: Anders Thessing.

December 17
Yair Etziony – The Nature of Things (Beatless version)

Taken from an album that will be released later in 2022 on False Industries.
The nature of things (beatless version) finds the Berlin-based composer in his most “Balleric” attitude in ages. Maybe one of his music melodic tunes since he moved to Berlin from Tel Aviv.
The tune takes influences from Manuel Gotching, John Carpenter, and the new age or cosmic movement of the mid-80s. Since the early ’00s, Etziony has been producing music under a variety of names, making techno and drum & bass and even psychedelic rock.

December 18
Catterfly – Snowtrain

Pulsating through ice-filled fog, thundering through snow-covered valleys into the clear blue night. Leaves an emptiness where the wind is heard complaining in the whirlpool of snow.

December 19
nordBeck – Crusing

From Edward Persson’s estate. The piano has been in a barn for many years but is now donated to Kullamust café. The piano is judged by piano tuners. The café is located along the road where Edward lived. Sound from the piano and sounds from the surrounding fridge have been the basis of this song.

nordBeck has been active since the early 1990s and is visible on both live scenes and record releases.
Malmö has always been the home base for nordBeck, although most of the creation happened when he was traveling, where the calm outside the city becomes a great inspiration.

December 20
TMUX – King Tubi

Yair Etziony’s first album under the TMUX moniker – last year’s “State of Exception” – developed as the Berlin-based artist and False Industries boss was attempting to rationalize his experience of the COVID-19 lockdown. Seemingly trapped in a world with a dissolving future, he looked to his past as a drum & bass DJ and his love of 1990s IDM, garage, and Detroit techno to guide his escape. In November 2021 he released “Stars” his new album.

Dedicated to False Industries graphic designer and Yair’s good friend Tuvia K, ‘King Tubi’ makes the 1990s references far more tangible, using a chunky, blunted break and molasses-slow acid funk to remind of a world where it felt like anything was possible.
Photo: Sivan Zeimer

December 21
Robin Forest – Falling Rain

An ambient piece that Robin forest wrote during a holiday in July when he sat by the window and watched a quiet rain fall.
The song is taken from the upcoming EP ‘You and The Wind’

December 22
Ljudvägg & Linus Schrab

Malmö based artists Filip Forsström (Ljudvägg) and Linus Schrab present their premiere collaboration in sound. The process behind Hidden Key was initially a spontaneous recording of a synth loop sent to Filip. A piano track was sent back to Linus and a final iteration where the recording of Filips piano was analyzed into sequenceable fodder for Linus modular synth. Previously Filip and Linus have worked together as artist and label manager (Purlieu Recordings). They have also created a script (Tviburar) for the monome norns platform.

December 23
PRO424 – Genymede

Ganymede is the largest moon of Jupiter. This is the soundtrack of a probe approaching and crossing the thin oxygen atmosphere of Ganymede. Will it find a place for human settlement on this desolate celestial body? Only time will tell.

This is an approach to making music I’ve been wanting to explore for some time. No sequencing, everything played by hand, drawing a lot of inspiration from post-rock. While focusing on making music to play live for many years, working with layering and multitracking enabled me to explore each instrument more carefully giving a very organic experience.

December 24
Alpha Mound – Hollow Light

Alpha Mound is the creative outlet for Joakim Westlunds solo music. For nearly a decade now music has been released under this header with quite some range in styles but almost always leaning towards more relaxed sounds. 2021 has been a busy year for releases and the main ones are the ambient “Electronic Winds” and the more beat oriented “Displacement” both made live with hardware setups. “Hollow Light” blends the musical elements of these releases but is produced DAW based more meticulously with a variety of sample based instruments as the main building blocks.

December 25
Wheel – Invisible objects

Music producer Ricard Magnusson has his roots in Umeå’s 90s metal scene, but since the turn of the millennium he has been making electronic music under the name Wheel. He has made
music for the Swedish sports car Koenigsegg CCX, the hotel bar at Grims Grenka in Oslo and artists such as Barry Adamson, Jacqueline
Kroft, Filiz, Marie Lala and music as an artist himself.

Ricard also works as a psychologist with one own company active mainly in the school world and child and adolescent psychiatry.

Sometimes music and psychology meet –
Ricard has, among other things, written a series articles on creativity, mental health and music creation for producerhive.com.

December 26
Polygon Legion – Grid Surge

Polygon Legion is a newly formed collab between the synthwave maestro Shaperwave and the ambient dreamer Oort Cloud Services. It started when Oort Cloud got stuck in his tracks with this song that just wouldn’t let itself be made, and being a fan of Shaperwave’s work he sent it over and asked if he could “salvage it”, so to speak. It got a run through the “Shaperwave machine” and what came out had gone from a chaotic hot mess to a sleek, smooth track with a relentless forward momentum, but still with the flirts to earlier days of electronic music intact. Then slap on an appropriately punny name – “Grid Surge” – and Bob’s your uncle! The collaboration was so hassle-free right from the get go, it was obvious that this should go on – and so the adventure begins…!

December 27
Stenbit – Awake

”Your brain is amazing. It allows for states of being awake and asleep, with distinct phases during those two states. In fact, there are three states of consciousness: awake, REM, and Non REM.
I often dream and not sure if I’m awake or in a dream. Lately I got into how mind, body and health fits together.

From the deep forest of Värmland – close to Lake Vänern, Stenbit search for the perfect sound.
A sound that slowly changes over time and evolve.”

December 28
Gävle-Stockholm Dub – Nästa station Marma Storvreta

The track is a mashup/blend of the two tracks ‘Stora vreden I Storvreta’ and ‘Marma Katakomb’ that was released on the album ‘Ingenmansland‘ earlier this year.
Commuter train-scented electronic dub that meets modular synth sounds. Modus loneliness in a shimmer of starry skies.
The feeling of eternity in the endless inner journey.
Snowy bandechos and asthmatic melodica.
Melodic intoxication.
Behind the name Gävle-Stockholm Dub we find the duo PRO424 and Slim Vic.

December 29

The inspiration to the song ‘Kall’ comes from post punk, afrorock & early electronica. The sounds, rhythms and the projects change often and a lot.

We who play in SIAMSIAM began our journey in the dark post-punk, under the name Heedroom. The ambition with the music is to be able to create a dark but still beautiful life soundtrack for our listeners. SIAMSIAM’s members (Adrian Sverin, Jacob Bengtsson and Svante Westin Gustafsson) are all born and raised in Gävle, how much it affects SIAMSIAM’s music must be left unsaid.

December 30
Brugd – Marulkens parningsdans

”Down in the deep, the very little male angler sense the presence of the much larger female because of her chemical odeur.
He swims to her, bites and clings on to her body. After a while he shrinks and become only a sac of sperms and turns to a parasitic part of her.
Brugd has, with the help of glockenspiel, contact mics, drones and tattered tape loops tried to romanticize this mating dance of the dark and deep.”

December 31
Anders Ilar & John H – Forgotten

606 and 303s.
The Swedish techno and acid workaholics Anders Ilar and John H are back with a acid bubbler.

January 1st
Inter Gritty – Read it

The grand final for this years Because We Love Music! Techno meastro Inter Gritty from Norrköpings takes a turn to the filter house area with the banger ‘Read it’