Because We Love Music 2022!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

Selection and executive producer: Viktor Zeidner
Mastered by Joakim Westlund except
Track 2 by Bob Macc (Subvert Beats)
Track 17 by Martin Zeidner
Track 19 by Nik Sinha
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Cat. nr: lamour172dig

December 1st
Anders Ilar & John H – Eleusinian Mysteries (Ambient Version)

Anders Ilar and John H are no newcomers to the electronic music scene.
Born in 1973, Anders Ilar began his explorations of electronic music in the mid 80s. Growing up in the small town of Ludvika in Sweden, Ilar spent all of his spare time playing with synthesizers, drum machines, keyboards and sequencers, learning the ins and outs of analogue and digital sound and music creation. Inspired by the early industrial and EBM wave he formed several bands with friends, started playing live shows at smaller local parties, and released several demo tapes in very limited quantities. In the 90’s he gradually shifted his creative influences towards ambient techno and acid and also started to DJ. He started using computer software to produce his music around 1999 and his first vinyl EP was released in 2001 on the german label Plong!, soon to be followed by many more releases on labels such as Shitkatapult, Audio.nl and Echocord. Developing his own flavor of deep minimal dub techno and ambient he gained critical acclaim with his album Nightwidth (2006) for Narita Records in the USA. Followed by highly appraised album Sworn on the german label Level Records in 2008. Ilar has also made remixes for celebrated artists such as Apparat, Mikkel Metal and Ripperton and has appeared on numerous compilations and DJ-mixes. He’s performed live on stage through-out most European countries and Japan, as well as doing a small tour with Notch Festival in China in 2008.
Up to 2018 Anders Ilar has produced 13 albums and 25 vinyl EP’s and performed in over 15 countries.

Born in 1984 and based in Gothenburg. John H has been DJing, as well as producing tracks, since the late 90s, with Anders as his mentor and teacher, giving John early musical influences spanning across a wide range of genres, from Swedish techno to IDM, Cologne acid craziness and the sound of Chicago house tracks. The musical output of his DJ-sets usually varies between techno, house, acid, electro and everything in between, depending on the time and location. John has performed on several locations all around Sweden, but also done appreciated gigs in other European countries at clubs like Tresor and Culture Box, and his music has been featured in sets by DJs such as Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, Dense & Pika, Cari Lekebusch, Alan Fitzpatrick, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, The Hacker and many more.

December 2nd
mymessedupmind – Acid Fram Till Jul (Ragnar Atari & Otherland Remix)

Ragnar Atari and Otherland is a Stockholm based production duo and live act. Emerging from the 90s rave scene in Jönköping, their music ranges from dirty acid to electro and breakbeats. They have played clubs and raves throughout Sweden and have a string of releases both together and as solo artists.

December 3rd
Rymdljus – Tillbakablick Torsdag

Sometimes inspiration comes at times when there is no time to take advantage of it. “Tillbakablick Torsdag” is the meeting between a project that is quickly saved to disk as “Tisdagsjam” (to have time to rehearse before a gig) and an as yet unreleased track I produced together with Maria Pettersson and Rebecca Magyar in the band Artist Okänd. An improvised melancholic melody played over a half-broken arpeggio topped with some of Rebecca’s phrases through a vocoder. And distorted drums of course – so it doesn’t sound too intrusive.

Gothenburg-based Rymdljus is a solo project where John Björk records, produces and generally has no one to set reasonable limits for the amount of tracks, when it should be finished or other such things that can benefit creativity. With a penchant for cute melodies, electronic instruments and putting samples in new contexts, he still sometimes manages to get a track or two out of it.

December 4th
AKB – Vindfälle

Slow, soothing and airy meets ominously dissonant in this submersive hi-fi ambient track ’Vindfälle’ by AKB. A track where the melodies are leading the way on a quiet walk through quiet woods surrounded by windfalls twisted by the dwindling light of day. Clarinet and electronics with big reverbs and lingering descents creating an Intricate sonic tapestry filled with both light and darkness.

December 5th
Under Mossan – Tjära Trä Ligament

Under Mossan is a one-man sound and music project based outside Uppsala, Sweden.

This track is a kind of prequel to some upcoming experiments on the borders between human and tree, skin and bark, flesh and wood.
Drone from the Buchla system of Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm; treated and ornamented under the moss in my home studio.

December 6th
Plasmafuse – Memories

Plasmafuse is an electronica band that has grown out of the ground surrounding, industrial metal scene, but have replaced the guitars to synths and samplers. Plasma Fuse is also born out of interest in space, robots and the electronic world we live in.

December 7th
Mikael Strömberg – To Morton

I am working on a “letter collection” to my house gods, including Morton Feldman, where I write a song to the recipient instead of a letter. Here, apart from Morton, there are letters to Yoko Ono, Florian Schneider, Xenakis, Roman, Debussy, Ravel, Bach, Eno, Satie…

December 8th
Mio Dal – Innit Siddu

Mio moves freely between and is inspired by IDM, techno, electro, breakbeats and psychedelic music. Usually in combination with visuals. The creation usually takes place with hardware and samples.

December 9th
Göteborgselektronikerna – Ringa Stöld

Göteborgselektronikerna vill ha mer jul
En sån som man har när man är liten
Se dom krypa upp ur vrårna
Med rymdraket och hårda paket
Så låt aldrig hoppet försvinna
Vi önskar eder alla en Ringa stöld
…det tycker vi är grymt

Göteborgselektronikerna want more Christmas
The kind you have when you’re little
Watch them crawl out of the corners
With space rocket and hard packages
So never let hope go
We wish you all a Petty Theft
…we think that’s cruel

December 10th
Slim Vic – Dagens Dubbel (Motormännens Svensk Travkriterium Remix)

Slim Vic fits over the space echo from the stable to Motormännen and lets the dub take a victory lap at a half broken pace. A golden opportunity for endless gallop mixes.

December 11th
Robin Forest – Autumn Light

Robin Forest is the solo project from Robin Forsgren (Gävle)

December 12th
Olle Oljud – Excerpt from soundtrack to the movie Nosferatu, 100 year anniversary

The song is a short excerpt from the rehearsal for two performances, with four other musicians, where we did 20 minutes each of the soundtrack for the silent film Nosferatu. This year marks one hundred years since the film was made. Performances were made at the festival Vindöga and the Jönköping film festival.

December 13th
ANGST Sessions – De Eviga Skuggornas Dans

For the first time on Lamour, ANGST Sessions!
4 minutes of pure Buchla jam love!

December 14th
Catterfly – The Eternal Spiral Of Change

The Eternal Spiral Of Change is like a quick replay/teaser of my latest album Catterfly Metamorphoses which was released on vinyl and digital this summer. It’s psychedelic electronica in a fantasy of metamorphoses through the eternal spiral of change!

December 15th
Nano Ona – Snow and Neon Lights

Nano Ona´s love of synths and electronic music started in the early 00s. Everything from synth pop to ebm and ambient has influenced her sound.

December 16th

For the past 20 years, David Lehnberg has been the most active and successful artist from Gävle, with numerous awards locally (The Local Heroes award) and releases with bands such as The Deer Tracks, Ariel Kill Him, Leiah and more. He has toured several times in Europe, the USA and Asia.

December 17th
Martin Zeidner – Grittytude

Music Is Life – Life Is Music.
“For me it’s been the nr.1 tool of expressing emotions as long as I can remember. It’s the engine that keeps my passion alive, even if the fuel meter sometimes hits the red side. I discovered dance/electronic music through the C64/Amiga (computer) scene in Sweden in the late 80’s. Immediately hooked by the ability to create full tracks with perfect arrangement control. There simply weren’t any points of turning back.

While I have been through a lot of different genres through the years, my main music direction today can be described as retro flavored progressive house/trance. The sparkling creativity in the early days of dance music was so sincere and beautiful, but it took me some time to truly realize how much this had reflected in my way of creating. Now is the time to show the “best of” version of all this experience. I call it PROGRETRO.”

December 18th
Alpha Mound – Reeds

Alpha Mound is the creative outlet for Joakim Westlunds solo music. For nearly a decade now music has been released under this header with quite some range in styles but almost always leaning towards more relaxed sounds.

December 19th
Waywell feat. Setarab – The Pathless Path

The UK artist and musician, Waywell, best known for his heartfelt guitar melodies, presents deeply chilled, ambient and downtempo electronic music, designed to break you free from the everyday stream of life and have some time to relax, reflect and introspect.

December 20th
Singular – Frosten

Singular is a loosely connected creative collective based in Malmö, Sweden. Simultaneously unknown and familiar, Singular may appear obscure and mysterious, but its presence is nonetheless rock solid. Singular’s musical output is at once both contemporary and timeless, often featuring a fusion of generous portions of acoustic piano and intricate synthetic components. The album ‘Två’ was released in 2019 on Lamour Records, followed by the EP ’Berlin’ and a string of singular singles.

December 21th
Oestergaards – Griftmuras

After a year of silence, Oestergaards unveils his new path with an electro acoustic dark ambient track. “Griftmuras” is a work of grief and despair, showing the dark atmosphere and the menacing bleakness of a funeral procession.

December 22th
Nocturne – Hymn

“The song was made during a dark period in my life in May 2020, the song means a lot to me.”

December 23rd
Oort Cloud Services – Kristallisering

In New Mexico there is a small mountain called “The Tooth of Time”. Translated into Swedish – “Tidens tand” – the name becomes a term that refers to the destructive forces of erosion, deterioration and decay, things that occur simply as a function of time. Slowly, but inevitably and irreversibly.
But not all these natural functions are destructive. Landscapes reshape and restructures and new land is created.
Nothing inspires me to make this kind of music  more than contemplating about grand timescales, and the geological history of the Earth spans unfathomable lengths of time. A slow and steady progression – just like ambient music.
What started as experimentation in sequencer sound design ended up describing the result of one of these functions of time: “Chrystallization”. Hopefully the “Tidens tand” collection will grow and take form as well – over time of course.

December 24th
PRO424 feat. Kim Eliasson

The Swedish solo project PRO424 has since the debut in 2011 wandered between musically narrow alleys, and finds his passion and inspiration in the classic ambient music, electronica and melodic techno.
PRO424 has released 2 vinyls at Lamour and 1 colab under the name Gävle-Stockholm Dub.
Photo by Robin Malmsten Havervall

December 25th
Yair Etziony – Immunity

In the autumn of 2021, Yair got Covid 19 with severe symptoms. He had to be isolated in his apartment with his wife for two weeks. When he finally came out, he started working on a darker project which he felt represented that time.
The record will be our later in 2023 on his label False Industries.