Bottenvikens Silverkyrka – Tre-noll-treenigheten

Bottenvikens Silverkyrka is concluding the trilogy – consisting of “Det stora uppvaknandet”, the beginning, “Arken”, the message, and “Stadskyrkan”, the resolution – with the album “Trenolltreenigheten” featuring all the tracks from the EP:s, as well as two unreleased tracks and a live performance with church organ. 
This album tells the whole story about dance music, togetherness and the search for eternity.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour95
Mixed by Ludvig Widman
Artwork by Andréas Brännström
Albumet släpps med stöd från Statens Kulturråd, stort tack!

Bottenvikens Silverkyrka is nominated as best dance in BOTH P3 Guld and Grammis!!!