Cleasons – Arcadia

Step into a neon-drenched universe where slow pulsating beats guide you through a labyrinth of digital wonder. “Arcadia” by the Swedish artist Claesons invites you on an electrifying journey through the vibrant realms of arcade halls and gaming nostalgia. Immerse yourself in the retro-futuristic soundscape of “Arcadia” and let your imagination soar beyond the boundaries of reality.

Behind the name Claesons, we find the musician Victor Claeson. He is a multifaceted artist whose musical journey is reflected in his choice of decorations: on his guitar, there is an Aphex Twin sticker, symbolizing his broad musical spectrum and his appreciation for electronic music.

Victor Claeson has a rich background in the music world. He has been part of several indie bands, such as Aerial and No Coda, where he contributed with his creative mind and musical talent. In 2018, he took a significant step in his career by entering the electronic music scene with his debut album “V.V.V.V.V.” This marked a new phase in his music-making, where he began to explore and integrate electronic elements into his work.

In addition to being a prolific musician, Victor Claeson has also made a name for himself as a music video producer. Over the years, he has produced around 50 music videos for various artists and bands. Among these are Solen and Simian Ghost, as well as videos for his own projects.