Club Lamour Sweden at NIU Barcelona

Flyer-BCN212 June 19.00 – 23.00
Niu : espai artístic contemporary
Almogàvers, 208 . 08018 Barcelona

Daniel Araya
SQ (Sound Quartet)
Solitude Silence
Slim Vic (DJ-set)
Deadpixel visual label

Lamour, club and record label based in Sweden since 2008, with focus on curating multi-creative artistic crossings for musicians, artists and audience.

Lamour run club nights and a record label within a broad scope of electronic music culture. Expanding expressions within dance related electronica, poppy electro, dark ambient, contemporary art music, improvised live-electronic music and electroacoustic music. www.lamour.se

Danie lAraya Snickars2013
Daniel Araya
For the past 20 years, Daniel Araya has been playing live improvised acid techno at festivals and clubs in Sweden and abroad.
Daniel’s sound comes out of classic Chicago house and Detroit techno with a twist of modular synth and percussive loops.
Tonight he will play some classic acid but also a taste of his new “Acid Ambient” tracks that revolve around several of the classic Roland tb-303 bass synthesizers but used with reverb, feedback and delay to create other sounds than the typical acid house bassline. www.soundcloud.com/danielaraya

(aka Sound Quartet) imaginary soundscapes, electronic experimentalism, composed impro art of electrified sounds and images. It’s an ever changing gathering of electronic/acoustic musicians and visual artists in a joint search for new artistic crossroads. The Sound Quartet perform in concerts with acoustic instruments, laptop, wii-controller, motioncontrol, neuroheadset, 3D navigator, gadgets, video and vj-ing. www.soundquartet.se

Slim Vic
is one of Sweden’s leading innovators in DJ culture. With one foot in urban club music and the other in contemporary art music he combines the different worlds and constantly rearranges the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible within a traditional and proven context. www.slimvic.net

Solitude Silence

is a visual label made up of video artists, lighting designers, inventors and DJs. When curiosity is merged with experience in a host of creative fields and technical expertise; the works of Deadpixel become journeys that spark imagination. www.deadpixel.se