Diego Narvaez – From Nowhere

From Ecuador to Sweden and back.
The very prominent DJ and producer Diego Narvaez from Quito in Ecuador puts his dance floor beats to rest and steps into the beautiful world of ambient music. With his remix, Swedish Slim Vic adds a Nordic sound of forest and desolation.

“From nowhere we came
Born of stardust and flame
A cosmic creation, magnificent and rare
Our origins unknown, yet everywhere

From nowhere we dream
Of things beyond our mortal scheme
Of distant worlds and far-off places
Of love and hope that time holds

From nowhere we love
With a heart that beats from above
A boundless force that fills our soul
And makes us feel truly whole

From nowhere we return
To the cosmos that we yearn
Our atoms disperse in the void
A journey that we can’t avoid

But from nowhere we’ll rise
Once again, to touch the skiesTo dance among the galaxies
And revel in our cosmic reveries
For we are made of stars,
A testament to the universe’s scars
A reminder of its infinite grace
And its never-ending embrace”

Released May 19 2023
Cat nr: lamour185dig
Music composed by Diego Narvaez
Track 2 remixed by Slim Vic
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Erika Axmark

1 – From Nowhere
2 – From Nowhere (Slim Vic Remix)
3 – From Nowhere (Reprise)

Diego Narvaez