Drosophila – Pathworks EP

American IDM genius Drosophila steps forward with his international debut, the Pathworks EP, via Lamour Records. Four strong experimental electronica tracks with a clever blend of generative rhythms and immersive audio environments.

Drosophila” is a genus of flies, useful in genetic experiments for their ability to rapidly proliferate. The drosophila music project aspires to be a similarly productive conduit of experimentation, mutating workflows and musical idioms.

The Pathworks EP reimagines particular kinds of motion through the creative use and abuse of sequencers. What does it sound like to “slump”, to “swarm” or to “sting”? To explore this idea, generative rhythms, melodies and parameter changes are harnessed to stochastic drum machine pulses to create compositions that walk a line between beat-driven electronic music and immersive, chaotic audio environments.

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“Some would maybe call this “IDM”, I’d simply call it experimental. But above all I’d call it pretty damn cool. Such an exciting soundscape, and those synth sounds are just so… Juicy! Polished!”
Read full post at: https://www.beatradar.com/2019/04/use-test-drosophila-stingwise-futuristic-experiments/