Ethereal Bonds – Long Road, Brittle Light

The first single from Ethereal Bonds upcoming album ‘Undone’

Behind the artist Ethereal Bonds we find Martin, a 32 year old audio engineer and artist from East Germany. He is a fan of concept albums and produces cinematic experimental electronic music with influences of idm, neoclassical, edm, glitch and post rock.

The album ‘Undone’ will be released on December 1st

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Ethereal Bonds
Cat. nr: lamour193dig1

Ethereal Bonds

This track was the first house track I ever produced, so it’s probably also the simplest and least experimental in structure and sound design. It fits very well at the end of the album before the outro, because it raises the energy level a bit after “Tranquility” and comes to a very calm conclusion.

In this track I wanted to set to music the scene in my head where you are lifted further and further into the sky by ethereal, celestial apparitions on the side of a road and every earthly burden falls away from you until you feel completely weightless.

For this purpose, I recorded the sounds at night at the expressway, where I also later recorded the album cover and parts of the music video for this track. So I let the track start with these street noises, cars passing by and melancholic piano chords and a synthesis of different ethereal vocal textures building up. Out of them peels a noise that sounds a bit like one of those old halogen lamps when it’s turned on, which is the only element left in the mix just before the drop.

In the first drop, rhythmic vocal swells as the main element take over the rhythm of this “light” sound. I tried to make the clap pattern sound a little like a ticking clock. The drop develops, different elements building up and giving way to each other again, until an intermediate part comes where the focus falls on this “light” sound again, this time pitched down, while all pad-like elements are also successively pitched down, creating a strange and weightless feeling.

In the second drop, more and more glitches form from the elements of the drop, though this was the first time I experimented with glitches, so they are placed very sparingly and precisely. Then at the end strings and slightly glitching piano form a beautifully melancholic conclusion that symbolizes the absolute peace and harmony.

In the music video for this track, which seamlessly follows the music video for “Tranquility”, I wanted on the one hand to provide a background story to the main motif in the form of the bed sheet ghost and visualize my dream of this ghost on the side of a road, and on the other hand present the theme of depression in a creative way.
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“Long Road, Brittle Light; Ethereal Bonds tarafından sakin ve derin setler için üretilmiş Melodic House & Techno türünde bir parçadır. Parça Lamour Records etiketiyle 30.10.2023 tarihinde yayına girmiştir.”
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