Göteborgselektronikerna – Elektrod (Magnus Moody remix)


Listen to Göteborgselektronikernas debut album Nattrafik: www.lamour.se/2016/09/02/gotebor…nikerna-nattrafik/
Göteborgselektronikerna (The Gothenburg Electronic Engineers) is the quartet that takes the tram ride along line 11 to celebrate the city in true Kraftwerk spirit. The quartet plays catchy beats and beautiful melodies, played and tweaked by hand with analog synths and vocoder.

Gefle-based Magnus Moody has for the last 20 years produced his own music and remixed artists such as The Deer Tracks. His productions are fresh, forward thinking, and always with the dance floor in mind. He loves to transform other artists music, bringing the songs in other directions, trying to extract the core of the songs, re-arranging and exaggerating the characteristics of the songs, giving them his own dark touch.