JIN&DAUN – AY LÊ GULÊ out now, June 10



“Ay Lê Gulê” is a famous Kurdish folksong by Mihemed ?êxo. The titel could be translated to “Flower” and is a symbol for Kurdistan, and the song is about the love for his country. This is our second version out of three of this song, some phrases from the melody is borrowed so its not a cover in that sense. But the track has the same sentimental harmony as the original.

Out on all digital stores and streaming sites June 10, 2014

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)

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JIN&DAUN a Swedish duo specialising in their own style of music they call Kurdish Electronic Meditation. They record their long-form songs at home via improvised jams, preferring to keep the music free without guidelines. The spirit of Klaus Schulze looms large and the music created has a touch of the progressive electronics you’d expect from Germany in the 70’s. The darkness of Spectrum and the warped atmospheres of The Orb seep through too. So far they have one tape out on the Zeon Light Kassett, and a split release with artist Benjamin Syra on Sorgenfri Inspelningar. “sounds like a sc-fi movie that havent been made yet – The Space Lady”

The recordings are often improvised and recorded primitive with little possibility for mixing. Sometimes we make overdubs but rarely.  “F´rica” is a song with less focus on synths, a tabla and harmonica is instead used. “I en hall full av speglar” is based loose around Kraftwerks “Hall of Mirrors”, a second version is planned for a future release. “Resan till Mars” ends this release, a song about a voyage into space and to something unknown, excitement and fear.