Lamour pres. D.A.N.S 23 november

Lisa and Kroffe on the Lamour stage once again after a brilliant record release and outstanding gigs. Dancer/choreographer Liisa Pentti (Helsinki) creates a characteristically intensive immediacy with music of SQ (Bjelkeborn and Pignon). Acoustic surround sensations with music of Sam Salem, Daniel Barreiro and CitizenUrge from NOVARS (Manchester). In the foyer/bar DJ Slim Vic creates his inimitable atmosphere to visuals by Deadpixel.

Fylkingen, Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, över gården i valvet / T-bana Mariatorget
www.fylkingen.se | www.lamour.se | www.soundquartet.se | www.slimvic.net

Lisa & Kroffe are Lisa and Kristofer Ulfves from Stockholm, Sweden. The choice of name refers to dynamic duos such as Ralf und Florian and Hansson & Karlsson. They create repetitive landscapes and swirling melodies using analog synthesizers, sequencers a clarinet and a flute. Their Berlin School-influenced music has been heard in such diverse venues as beneath the starry night-sky by the sea at Wäddö island, at the closed down concrete factory in the woods of Norberg and in the dark tunnels under Karlskrona city. Both of them are classically trained musicians with a background in orchestras and various pop-groups, but now prefer to move away from the written and rehearsed for the challenge of improvisation. http://lisakroffe.blogspot.se/

Liisa Pentti is one of the key visionaries of the Finnish dance scene. She has worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in Finland and abroad since 1986. Her inspiration is in continuously finding new ways to play with movement and create choreography. She moves in a landscape where dance, performance and theatre are combined, often questioning and exploring the limits of performative expression. The art of the performer and her unique presence are the essence in Liisa Pentti’s work, and from that source she creates a distinctive and enchanting ambiance. http://liisapentti.com/
“I cannot decide which of the two elements in the piece is stronger: the poetic and humorous text or the inventive choreography executed with an enormous subtlety by one of Finland’s best choreographers” (Isabella Rothberg, Huvudstadtsbladet)

NOVARS Research Center is one of the worlds most advanced institutions for acousmatic music, new media research and composition. They are part of Music at the University of Manchester in Great Britain. NOVARS Facilities and the MANTIS Festival host a 55 Genelec multichannel performance system MANTIS and four room-within-room Electroacoustic Studios.

PROGRAM Lamour pres. D.A.N.S
19.30 Singing Up – Paul Pignon
20.00 Acousmatic music from UK
21.00 SQ ft Liisa Pentti
22.00 Kroffe och Lisa

Singing Up Paul Pignon, Didgeridoo

Acousmatic music from Manchester UK
Dérive Sam Salem dur. 15’09
Maresia Daniel Barreiro dur. 12’00
Nancrillex CitizenUrge dur. 13’30

Dérive. During my residency at La Muse en Circuit, I crisscrossed the city of Paris in search of sounds or sound environments. My itinerary was built from walks, all having as their point of departure the official centre of Paris, the point 48.8534°N 2.3488°E on the square in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral. The piece seeks to explore the connections between different places and acoustic environments, an exploration of the sounds, spaces, histories and cultures that shape Paris. Dérive was commissioned by La Muse En Circuit as the prize in Concours Luc Ferrari.
Sam Salem (1982) focuses upon the sounds of urban environments and specific geographical locations. His music aspires to illuminate and explore the hidden musicality and beauty of his geographical subjects, as well as his own relationship to his environment as both a source of inspiration and musical material. He has done residencies at institutions around the world and has been nominated and awarded in a number of international composition competitions. He completed a PhD in Composition in 2011 at the University of Manchester and currently teaches at Leeds College of Music.

Maresia is smell of the sea or sea mist, in Portuguese. The piece is inspired by the sea: firstly, by the pleasant experience of being immersed and surrounded by water; and secondly, by the movement of the waves and the energy they release when they break – which cause the continuum of water to assume ephemeral, yet remarkable, shapes.
Daniel Barreiro (1974) is currently a Visiting Academic at NOVARS Research Centre sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of Science. He composes mostly in the electroacoustic domain and has been awarded Prizes in international composition competitions. His works has is presented in festivals and CD’s all around the world. He holds a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition from University of Birmingham.

Nancrillex “I was once watching a documentary film about composer Conlon Nancarrow called Music for thousand fingers. I was hearing complex rhythms from piano rolls coming from a frantic pianola at Nancarrow’s house. At the same time, my neighbour’s radio was screaming a Skrillex’s hit. In one of the Dubstep drop sections, I started to hear a strange mix of rhythmic patterns combining the piano riffs with the bass drop textures, which might had suited DJ John Peel’s best broadcast shows…” CitizenUrge
CitizenUrge works in areas of music composition and interactive media, involving the use of audio and visual metadata. He was involved in collaborative projects, such as: The Microbial Ensemble – sound installation performing microbes, with Dr Quan Gan, H?- a sonic expedition to Viet nam – a 3D interactive interface project, S.LOW Projekt – a cross-disciplinary project in Berlin and LocativeAudio – a project about sound and people using augmented awareness. CitizenUrge hosts an academic position in the UK.

SQ (aka Sound Quartet) is imaginary soundscapes, noisy electronic experimentalism, composed impro art of electrified sounds and images. It’s an ever changing gathering of creative people in a joint search for new artistic territories.

Lamour: a club and record label started 2008. We produce events and records embracing everything from DJ’s to art music, techno, ambient. electro, EAM, free jazz and everything between.

This production is a Fylkingen members initiativ by Thomas Bjelkeborn.