Lamour Sweden night at Loophole, Berlin

Daniel Araya (live analog techno)
Daphna Naphtali (US) (extraordinary experimental vocalist)
Slim Vic (Experimental DJ-set)
The SQ (impro electronics)
Deadpixel visual (VJ)

August the 23th
Loophole, Boddinstr. 60, 12053 Berlin

Club Lamour/Lamour Records – a Swedish underground community and label, now for the first time in Berlin, please join.

Started in 2008, Club Lamour has blown exciting partys with all kinds of experimental soundart, ambient and twisted beats, tweek’d electronica in a chillin’ club atmosphere. Since 2010 Club Lamour houses at the legendary venue Fylkingen in Stockholm.


• Daniel Araya
the hottest of the hottest in the new retro style of analog techno, a massive setup of legendary stuff, no laptops just hard work on the machineshttps://soundcloud.com/danielaraya
• Daphna Naphtali
Dafna Naphtali is a extraordinary experimental vocalist using MAX/MSP sound processing of voice and other instruments. She has performed with many experimental musicians and video artists, co-led the digital chamber punk ensemble as well as founder of Magic Names vocal ensemble (performing Stockhausen’s Stimmung). Dafna Naphtali performed at festivals around the world and does workshops at universities in the US and Europe. She’s received many commissions and awards in the US and residencies at STEIM (Holland), Music OMI and iEAR at Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute. Dafna is a 2011 recipient of Franklin Furnace Fund award to develop work with Eric Singer’s LEMUR music robots.  She holds a Masters in Music Technology from New York University where she is part-time faculty . Her newest CD Chatter Blip with Chuck Bettis is on Acheulian Handaxe. For more http://dafna.info/.
• Slim Vic
live sets ranging from experimental turntableism to DJing ambient electro and house beats, Slim Vic is hosting dance clubs around Sweden, owner of the Lamour Label and director at IDKA Sweden, www.idka.net www.slimvic.net
• The SQ
Impro electronics, laptops, gadgets, wii and acoustic instruments, SQ aka Sound Quartet is Thomas Bjelkeborn SE & Philippe Moenne-Loccoz FR.www.soundquartet.se
• Deadpixel Visuals
the frontmost swedish VJ team now split between UK and Sweden,www.deadpixel.se