LEHNBERG – False Idols EP. Released May 15



David Lehnberg has toured the world since the late 90s, especially in the band The Deer Tracks where both North America, Asia and Europe has been his home almost more than Sweden. Under the name Lehnberg he goes deeper into the magical electronic music world where the instrumental harmonies of broken beats, ambient and experimental lust forms a strong dreamlike experience.

LEHNBERGS first release, False Idols is a high-octane 5-track EP which colorful rhythms share space with silky sounds and melodies. Influences from all corners taken in and scaled down to an electronic kaleidoscope that creates a hypnotic soundscape

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Released on CD & digital


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Gefle Dagblad about the releaseparty at Spegeln (in swedish)
“Han har ju redan turnerat jorden runt x antal gånger med Deer Tracks. Att få till en internationell turné med sig själv torde inte vara omöjligt”
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Hymn.se about the release 8/5 2015 (in swedish)
“Om Sónar Stockholm återkommer nästa år så är det här en självklar bokning.”
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SIMBA (Swedish Independent Music Business Alternative) #4 7/5 2015
“This instrumental five-track EP is a brave and adventurous combination of a soft, peaceful soundscape and uneven beats. It gives me a feeling of running away from something, on winding paths threw a magical forest where both unicorns, glittering woodland lakes and elves are to be found.
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Gefle Dagblad 20/5 (in swedish)
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