LEHNBERG & Slim Vic – Vid Fronten LP

Most albums can be resembled as a project with an idea, planning, implementation and presentation in the form of the final result; the album. This is the story of an album that both broke down us mentally and kind of allowed us both to start over and question our own way towards creation. BUY THE VINYL AT LAMOUR RECORD STORE

An early summer day in 2016 the phone rang and the conversation led to the task of composing music for Folkteatern Gävleborg’s major initiative this autumn. It’s a dream assignment for any musician, to be in the creative environment and around the wonderful people at Folkteatern, as well as having the precious time to compose something really genuinely as we hoped to give reverberation long after the curtain went down. However, the road was anything but a rolling downhill.

The work that resembles chasing one’s own shadow, trying to understand and create a great musical piece in an ever-changing emotional state where the fragile notes of day one would be replaced by epic symphonic works day two and then via a shortcut towards 80’s pop day three.

A personal darkness in combination with ​​a heavy theme, exclusion, abuse, loneliness and dispair crawled into our personal space and started to play tricks on the self-esteem.

Add to that we initially wrote music that would be performed live, almost got kicked off the project, to later end up on the front of house and lightning engineer’s place. This uncertain and fragmented work situation is reflected in the selection of works we chose to release as the album ’Vid Fronten’.

In the midst of all emotional chaos we created music, lots of music! About 200, more or less finished songs. On this album we have selected songs that reflected this time best, some was used in the show, some not, but all was created, written and recorded during the project.

The performance ’Som du. Som Dom. Som Jag.’ had it’s premiere on October 22, 2016 and was then played in Gävle and on tour around the county with 24 performances total.

Acid Ted about the release
“The track is Vid Frontem (tr. at the front line). This is lost electronic wandering. Dark enveloping electronics get lit with some slow romantic piano…”
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