Ljudvägg – Transformation

The album ‘Transformation’ challenges the boundaries of human and machine, the physical and the artificial, the feasible and the impossible. The result is a thoughtful and true emotional storm where the piano forms the basis for an opposite pole between sound and playing technique. When the sound is real, it is played with inhuman technology. When played by hand, the sound moves outside the spectrum of the physical piano. What role does “lying” play for the listener?

The music was created for and was originally performed in connection with Anna Kristensson’s exhibition ‘See Through’ (gallery FRANK, Malmö 2019). The fact that ‘Transformation’ is now being released on vinyl is the result of a loving collaboration between Ljudvägg, Arlövs-based Purlieu Recordings and Lamour Records (Gävle).

Ljudvägg (Wall of sound) has in recent years enchanted audiences with his unique feeling of combining technology and acoustics into an unmistakable sign. With the combination of piano and synths he creates sounds that will easily roar and then come together in a gentle harmony which lies as the foundation of his distinctive tonal expression. Behind the project we find Malmö-based Filip Forsström.


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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Linn Schrab
Cat. nr: lamour109dig

Released with financial support from the State Council for Culture 

Ljudvägg. Photo: Laimonis Brakss


Radio Nacional de España – RNE 3 Atmosfera
A principios de este 2021 nos llegaba a Atmósfera “Transformation” de Ljudvägg, alias del sueco Filip Forsström, un disco que desafía los límites de lo humano y la máquina, lo físico y lo artificial, lo factible y lo imposible, una verdadera tormenta emocional en la que el piano forma la base de un polo opuesto entre el sonido y la técnica de ejecución.

Silence and Sounds
“Ljudvägg surprend à travers chaque titre, repoussant les frontières des genres pour effacer les codes de la modernité et pénétrer dans une caverne éblouie par un futurisme emprisonné dans la viscéralité de l’intellect. Les mélodies s’étirent et sombrent dans un trou noir à la chaleur frissonnante, happant chaque mouvement pour le transformer en virgule poétique posée sur coin d’une feuille blanche. Superbe.”
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Musique Machine
“Ljudvägg’s composition for Anna Kristensson’s “See Through” exhibition has been brought to vinyl from Purlieu Recordings and Lamour Records. Bringing wonderfully active, ambient, and avant-garde, Transformation showcases the shifting world of the physical and artificial, our place in it, and different ways to view it. The vinyl edition adds the physical element to the mix and completes the scope of Transformation.”
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“Twórczość szwedzkiego artysty wpisuje się w szeroko eksploatowaną ostatnimi czasy stylistykę nazywaną neoclassical, ale szczęśliwie nie utknął na pisaniu cukierkowych tematów np. pod infantylne obrazy filmowe, co niestety można znaleźć na wielu tego typu wydawnictwach.”
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“Il suono diviene così materia illusoria capace di apparire ciò che non è, fonte infedele con cui dare forma ad un itinerario emozionale vibrante e cromaticamente vivido, ricordandoci che l’arte è la menzogna che ci permette di conoscere la verità.”
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Friends of Alan
“Dass ich die ganze CD gehört habe, hat mich selber überrascht. Im Allgemeinen gebe ich solcher Musik kaum eine Chance. Irgendwas ist es hier anders. Filip Forsström alias Ljudvägg (Wall of Sound)aus Malmö hat diese Überraschung geschafft. Die Musik ist für eine Ausstellung von Anna Kristensson komponiert worden.”
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Aural Aggravation
“Trust nothing and trust no-one: but do trust me when I say that Transformation is a fascinating and most listenable work.”
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Africa paper
“The album ‘Transformation’ challenges the boundaries of human and machine, the physical and the artificial, the feasible and the impossible. The result is a thoughtful and true emotional storm where the piano forms the basis for an opposite pole between sound and playing technique.”
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IDA raadio – Üle Heli, 07.07.2021
Played: Mekanik
Listen: https://idaidaida.ee/episodes/ule-heli-2021-07-07

ERR Klassikaraadio – Fantaasia – 09.06.2021
Played: Mekanik
Listen: https://klassikaraadio.err.ee/1608226120/fantaasia-aivar-tonso

Radio Klara – Late Night Shift – 01.04.2021, 22:00 – 24:00
Played: Mekanik
Listen: http://radio.klara.be

Radio X – 91.8 Frankfurt/M – Neues aus dem Wasteland – 19.02.2021, 19:00
Played Skeppsrå and Ackord

Westdeutscher Rundfunk – WDR 3 Jazz & World – 08.01.2021
Played: Ackord

Radio Campus Orléans 88.3FM

Radio Radio- 104.5 FM Calgary, Alberta
Played: Tradition

BBC Radio 3 – Late Junction – Jan 15th 2021
Played: Skeppsrå
Listen: www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000r52t

Radio Gwendolyne – Argonauta 12.01.2021
Played: Tradition & Mekanik

HORADS 88,6 Stuttgart – Ganz weit vorne 03.01.2021
Played: Skogsrå
Listen: www.horads.de

Radio Hannover 87.6 – Grenzwellen, 30.12.2020
Played: Ackord
Listen: www.radio-hannover.de

Radio Mercure 93.00 – Electronic Therapy
Played: Skogsrå
Listen: www.radiomercure.frhttp://electronic-therapy.over-blog.com

The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound 12.19.20
Played: Skogsrå
Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/spectrasonicsound/the-institute-of-spectra-sonic-sound-121920/

RCV Lille 99.0 – El Réanimator #1367
Played: Skogarna
Listen: www.rcv-lille.com

Radio Onde Furlane – 90.00 FM Udine – Loud! Radio 10.12.2020
Played: Ackord
Listen: www.ondefurlane.eu

Played: Artikulation
Listen: https://www.kexp.org/playlist/?fbclid=IwAR28scoLfizMLyQFrJYNNC1Uc0yatxlBYntW3VkTyPj0h4Na8jJSa9KK4xY

Eldoradio – Dortmund 93.00 – Klangwelten #388
Played: Mekanik
Listen: http://kuhzunft.com/radioshow.html