Llarks – Dub IV (Bandcamp Exclusive)

This is the fourth chapter of Llark’s dub adventure! Rhythm as texture, texture as rhythm… the foggy and lo-fi dub created by Llarks is messy and unruly, languorous and loping. The deliberate repetition reveals subtle changes as the song-form disintegrates and reassembles itself. 

Released May 10 2024
Cat nr: lamour194dig3
Design by Llarks
Mastered by Joakim Westlund

01. There Is A Love
02. There Is A Scene
03. There Is A Beyond
04. There Is A Forever

Llarks is the ambient / drone project by guitarist & computer musician c.jeely. His music uses guitar, laptop & tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions.
C has been actively releasing music since 1995 under previous projects Accelera Deck, September Plateau, The Trust Riots and more…