Maneten – Free WiFi (Free DL Extended Radio)

Swedish east coast basement remixer & producer. Provincial bar DJ & local long runner with the club Panelen from Gävle, Sweden. Behind the name Maneten hides David Holm, realeasing Maneten debut EP on Lamour 2015 and some remix outlets on artists associated with the label or the Gävle club scene. Formerly releasing around 40 singles and remixes in the early 2k10 as Sizemoreism. With a on/off relation to production but always living music through DJing or as co-host of Lamour podcast with fellow musiclover Slim Vic.

As a DJ David is limitless in exploration of main underground and often tries to hard to revamp old stuff to new classics. Love the dance, love the smartness in being dumb. Inspiration ranges from classic dance, millenium computer music, synth & wörld, your everyday puritan house, brakes & basic melodies in cool clothes.

Fall 2019 is set to release debut album & maneten playlist ”Digital Full Length Exclusive” a string of tracks showcasing a laptop programmed to have a childish conversation whit it self. Sweet & busy. Loop, sample & melody driven. As described by lamour label boss & A&R as ”Nordic UK”.