Maneten – Too Love For Fast

Northern Swedens DJ-circuits softest maximalist Maneten (David Holm) is on with the next action packed feature ”Too Love For Fast”. Coming in hot from this summers double album release on Lamour Rec. The latest tracks is in the traditional collage/stack Maneten-style but with some extra thump. ”Too Love For Fast” covers topics of passion, the epic mini floor, thighs & neck, velocity, bulk energy, weight gain, weight loss, mindfulness, inner flight, family values, and the search to assemble bliss thru static objects. The tracks are specially written for premiering at AV/multimedia stream in Q420 ”Maneten – DJ Livestream Playback Show”. Surreal recognize surreal. Attention seeking fast food house, cross over, fidgety, weird main + FX. For the lovers, for the DJs, for those who like to actually wear their sneakers.

01 – Caramelle (Slurpee)
02 – Holy Hearts Hotline
03 – Hype Nectar (Move On) 
04 – [STINGER-listen-to-lamour-podcast]
05 – Full Flex Padel Center
06 – Pink Metal
07 – Big Data Baby

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour134dig

Photo Daniel Bernståhl