Maneten – Touch And Time

Swedish basement remixer/producer Maneten (David Holm) is out with 2020s feature. Touch And Time is a small town / big flavour house music album with a semi city touch. The album ranges from club, phones, bar and flights. The tracks all works in some kind of main underground tempo and hopefully bring energy thru topics and concepts of home, space, party, technology, inner flight, growth and love. The methodic is standard mixed style; DAW, HW, samples, vox, shouts, commotion and FX. Feed the AI, trick the AI, see what it spits back. Know your flux. Album is mainly written and recorded 2020 at 36 Brick Basement Loop, Gefle.

 Huge thanks for the attention. Cheers /Maneten/DJ Davva & Lamour.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour122dig