Motormännen – Reformellt – Released February 19

Motormännen has made a huge impact in Sweden with its unique & successful information Techno. ’Informal’, their debut album has been praised countless times by the press and caught the attention of Sweden’s hottest techno producers as Manic Brothers, Inter Gritty, Nima Khak & Ragnar Atari takes the concept of Swedish welfare into the darkest and hardest corridors of Techno.

Motormännen makes information age techno spiced by swedish aired nostalgia through a filter of retro futuristic skepticism. The music is packed with minimal acid loops and samples with excerpts from Swedish politicians, documentaries and Christer Glenning reflecting on the times when the the cold war and the welfare state was dissolving. During these times many inhibitions was released and new foreign influences crept into the body of the society and the old style information monopolies. The music is visually enhanced by messages from pictures and videos of the 70s and 80s.

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What DJs say…

“Age of Love Jam and spoon loop used well, like this track.” /Danny Rampling

“Nice single. I go for Expansion and Mellanvag. Full support!” /Oliver Huntemann

“love the Manic Brothers mix thanx” /Slam

“YES cool sound” /Horse Meat Disco

“Nima Khak remix for me. It’s hot!” /Tiger Stripes

“Damn Good Remixes!!” /Alexi Delano

“Alla remixer lyckades skapa något eget men ändå med känslan för Motormännen i behåll. Inter Gritty får plus i kanten för den industriella klangen, känns som om han lägger järnvägen själv. Ragnar Atari vinner mitt hjärta!” / Calle Dernulf

“ragnar remix is dope !” /Joyce Muniz

“Inter Gritty is my fav here. DRRRTY!” /TM404 (Andreas Tilliander)

“Ragnar Atari acid workout is dope.” /Dilby (Ibiza Global Radio)

 “Not got a clue how to pronounce either name but the Manic Brothers and
Inter Gritty Mixes are right up my street, expect imminent radio play!” /Louk Pour-Hashemi (RTE 2FM & Zone Magazine)

Cinematography & post-production by Michael Larsson / ohsoweird.com



Podcast Varvtal with Motormännen (in Swedish)
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EQTV, 5 minutes with Nima Khak (in English)
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The Underground (in English)
“This is top techno from a top label…”
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DMC World magazine (in English)
“Overall it’s a top techno offering…”
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Deathtechno about Reformellt (in english)
“…Great variation across the board from superb artists in their own right, providing DJ tools that can stimulate any situation and allowing a weapon of choice for the task at hand…”
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