Nano Ona – Emision Nebula

Nano Ona invites us to an electronic spaceship with her new EP Emission Nebula
Beautiful rhythm-based electronica in between synth pop and laidback trance.

Nano Ona´s love of synths and electronic music started in the early 00s. Everything from synth pop to ebm and ambient has influenced her sound.
“No human has ever visited a nebula. They seem to be more dreamlike places that make us marvel at our existence in this strange reality. My assignment was rather to compose these beautiful places. Because what does the universe really sound like?”

Released October 10 2022
Written and produced by Erika Axmark (Nano Ona)
Cat nr: lamour168dig
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Photo by Sandra Wärn
Artwork by Veronika Engel

Nano Ona (Photo @warnlight)