Nano Ona & Shaperwave – The Quest

At the annual Lamour label gathering Nano Ona and Shaperwave met for the first time. After hours of musical talk, they decided to start collaborating. The Quest is the first song and it is a good mashup of their individual artist outputs. Strong melodies and laidback vocals make the song into a modern synth-pop banger. Produced with a mix of hardware and software synths. The friendship starts here!

Nano Ona´s love of synths and electronic music started in the early 00s. Everything from synth pop to ebm and ambient has influenced her sound.
Over the years, she has collaborated with local bands such as Plasmafuse and together with Slim Vic, she delivered electronic tones in the industrial metal band Dieselkopf.

Starting out in the late 80’s, picking up inspiration from Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, Shaperwave has formed his own style. This is a musicproject where electronic beats, swirling synthlines and robot voices express deep feelings and emotions. Will AI human robots be able to express feelings ? If it’s sadness, joy, love or fear Shaperwave will have it covered in the music.

Released June 14 2023
Cat nr: lamour182dig
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Kjell-Ove Axmark

Nano Ona (Photo @warnlight)