Nano Ona – Take A Deep Breath (Jimmy Svensson Remix)

From Nano Ona’s debut album ‘Now, not later’ we got the song Take A Deep Breath carefully remixed by the musical chameleon Jimmy Svensson.
With a sound that mixes influences from both Tangerine Dream and Stranger Things soundtrack the result is a mindbending hypnotic remix for a fearless dancefloor.
Take A Deep Breath and let yourself launch into a space.

Nano Ona´s love of synths and electronic music started in the early 00s. Everything from synth pop to ebm and ambient has influenced her sound.
Over the years, she has collaborated with local bands such as Plasmafuse and together with Slim Vic, she delivered electronic tones in the industrial metal band Dieselkopf.

Released December 5 2023
Original version written and produced by Erika Axmark (Nano Ona)
Remixed by Jimmy Svensson
Cat nr: lamour188dig1
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cover photo by Sandra Wärn
Artwork by Erika Axmark

Nano Ona (Photo @warnlight)
Jimmy Svensson