Nicke Sandberg – Inner State Apocalypse (Free Download)

The idea of the song came about during a visit in New York, were I picked up a fantastic album by Raz Mesianis moniker Badawi. The album is called The Heretic Of Ether and is full of interesting percussion combinations togheter with a sound picture which seems to get much of it’s influence from the middle east.

This sudden impulse of influcence made me start sketching on the idea of this song, were a the modern synthesizer (in this case a Buchla Easel), would meet the ancient sound of percussion. The new meets the old. The basic concept of the song is the idea of trying to emulate how an inner state apocalypse would feel like. In this case, not the end of the world for every human being, but the end of your own sane mind. Trying to catch that specific sensation of going crazy, entering your inner state apocalypse.

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