Niels Gordon – Inner Grounds / Woodlands (Remixed)

Niels Gordons debut album Land was released this spring and received great reviews in press and radio. The cosmic Berlin-School sounds on the album has now gotten a load of remixes, in a classic Lamour-spirit. The sparse arrangements of intricate harmonies and ethereal rhythms have been amplified, modulated, energized and even calmed with gentle hands. 

The remixes are presented in four packages. On the third release we are once again welcomed to the magical sonic world of Emma “Catterfly” Sörensen. With enticing flutes and accordion she adds a folk essence to ‘Inner Grounds’. Multi instrumentalist and sound wizzard Alpha Mound points Woodlands in kraut direction with it’s motorik rhythms and shrewd arrangements.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour131dig3


Alpha Mound