Niels Gordon – Land (Release May 15)

Outside of Gothenburg, Sweden just where you feel the distance to the city and the forests starts to grow deep. That’s where Niels Gordon creates his music. Inspired by the woodlands that surrounds him as well as his dreams of the great cities of Europe.

On the 15th of May Niels Gordons debut album is released on vinyl and digitally via Lamour Records. Just like on Niels previous releases he offers soothing electronic music with hints to the cosmic 70s scene as well as the more electronic acts of the krautrock era.

Since his first EP ‘Ohrnacht’ (released in 2015) Niels Gordon has created his own world of solitary electronic music that has found its way around different corners of the globe. The solitude is manifested during his live performances where Niels is found on stage alone performing improvised versions of the songs without the aid of computers or backing tracks. Performances that has taken him to various stages. From opening for O.M.D. to smaller clubs and festivals.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour108

Live streamed release from Niels Gordons home, May 15 20.00 CET


Last Day Dead
The ‘cosmic’ element is intense on this sublime piece of music, which it’s just unmissable for fans of Jean-Michel Jarre & Vangelis. A hgihly cinematic experience…
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Musique Machine
“This sort of retro futurism is dependent on tone as much as structure, and Land really hammers that home.”
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Release Music Mag
“The contrast of the machines and the woods and farmland surrounding the small stage in Niklas’ garden, together with the setting sun, made it a very cosy and well-needed event in these peculiar times. A reminder of sort how important live music is for many of us.”
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Music Map
“Un buon modo per rendere più “organico” il pensiero inerente ad un elettronica meno sintetica rispetto a come siamo abituati a pensarla.”
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Musik an sich
“Ich bin im Falle von Niels Gordon für die erste Variante, denn er macht das so charmante und selbstbewusst und mit dem nötigen Respekt gegenüber den Originalen, das es einfach auch Spaß macht, sich das Ganze anzuhören.
Nicht besonders innovativ, aber trotzdem kurzweilig und schön anzuhören.”
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Pretty in Noise
Niels Gordon begann 2012 mit der Entwicklung seines eigenen Stils instrumentaler elektronischer Musik, um dem Ursprung der elektronischen Musik näher zu kommen. Das Ergebnis ist eine Art organische elektronische Musik mit einer ausgeprägten Krautrock / Berlin School-Atmosphäre. Zum Teil sehr elegische Klangwiederholungen, die kreativ aneinander gehängt neue Sphärenmusik entstehen lassen.”
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The Modern
“Electronic music custom built for your first Walkman. ”
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“The music that Niklas makes now is electronic; reminiscent of what Tangerine Dream sounded like in the 80’s and 90’s. For those of us who love the analogue sounds, this is a pure dream to listen to. Sit down with a pair of good headphones or speakers and float away in wonderfully rich sound.”
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Alingsås Tidning
“Niklas kallas ibland för Sjöviks Vince Clarke”
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“Excellent timeless retrofuturism”
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White Lion Radio
“Niels should feel very proud of this album, he has worked very hard over the last few years, one thing you can tell from this recording is that he really enjoys what he does, and whilst there are the obvious influences across the album, he truly does have a unique sound of his own. Start the album, turn the lights off and absorb the music of Niels Gordon, you wont be disappointed.”
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Radio Virus
Live video and radio with guest Niels Gordon

Radio and pods

Source 96.1 FM – this is not a disco…
Played: Outer Grounds

Hailsham FM 95.9 – MrTum Radio Show
Played: Im Park

Blå Måndag Podcast
Played: Inner Grounds

Radio Mercure 93.00 – Electronic Therapy
Played: Ohrnacht (am See)

Eldoradio – Dortmund 93.00 – Klangwelten #371
Played: Im Park

KEPW 97.3 FM Eugene, Oregon – Spectra-Sonic Sound
Played: Helio

Radio Hannover 87.6 – Grenzwellen 29.04.2020, 21.00-00.00
Played: Voyage Dans La Nuit

Kafé 101
Niels was invited for the live stream
See it again at:

Lamour Podcast #99
Premiered: Woodlands

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