Olle Oljud / Slim Vic – Scary Tape

Olle Oljud / Slim Vic – Scary Tape
Format: Cassette C-60
Label: Tape Lamour / Lamour Records
Cat nr: lamour066kz
Genre: Noise/Gabber/Industrial noise

Slim Vic side
01 – Scary Tape
02 – Nudist 2014
03 – Digerdöden
04 – Renaulgatonegro
05 – Farten dödar minuten
06 – MF
Olle Oljud side
01 – Brumbups
02 – Sheewo
03 – Tern_h
04 – Wendertw

Limited and numbered cassette edition of 30 copies
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GAAAARGGGGG !!!!!!! Energy, just pure energy! 2 timid middle-aged boys are testing to transfer a certain amount of excess energy into their electronic devices. Slightly complicated but with full control over time and space. One, we can call him Slim Vic has a background on sweaty happiness-seeking dance floors, it can be heard in the middle when the artistic work height must stand back for the 4×4 hythm that wants to penetrate. The other known as Olle Oljud with a past in the Dalarna´s DIY scene lets his background’s dark memories with black ink and dry crusts color an audio image in their own way. Together, it becomes a pretty nice albeit alarming whole on this cassette which is divided into two sides every 30 minutes. Enjoy and marvel!

Mastering by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Olle Oljud