Paradisvägen – Unconstrained Emotions

In the middle between paradise and the rawness of the street, we find the producer and DJ Christian Lundqvist alias Paradisvägen. With a summery look and timeless feeling, Paradisvägen turns into a housessound with a touch of retro mixed with modern dance with poppy signs. Always joy, always sunny and always dancing! Paradisvägen has previously been a musician in the chillwave project Niva and released his own under the name SKV18.
With ‘Unconstrained Emotions’, we are invited to an unlimited dance far in the light and the future safely composed of house genre building blocks. Breakbeats, rolling bass passages and synthleads that make us long for day parties where barefoot dancing to the tickling beauty of the lawn gives us hints of what life should really be enjoyed!

Unconstrained Emotions is the first own release of Paradisvägen on Lamour, he has previously remixed Maneten’s song Let it run.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour154dig