PRO424 – Immune out now!


The Swedish solo project PRO424 has since the debut in 2011 wandered between musically narrow alleys, and finds his passion and inspiration in the classic ambient music, electronica and melodic techno. Immune is another step musically both into himself and into the unknown, where the musical norm is put to test and challenged by combining the softest ambient music with hard machine techno. The music can be seen as a fragile mix of Underworld and Tangerine Dream, with a scent of Richie Hawtin. Immune is released on vinyl LP and digitally.

Artist: PRO424
Title: Immune
Format: 12? vinyl and digital
Label: Lamour records
Cat nr: lamour015vin
Genre: Ambient/techno
Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)

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Releaseparty was at Forfar Ginko in Stockholm 27 march 2015


Review from Chain D.L.K 3-5av5-chaindlk
“If you like low-key instrumental electronic music, this is one to check out.”
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Review from Lux Atenea webzine (in spanish)
“Immune”, desde Suecia, una fusión genial de música ambient con el tecno más actual. ¡¡¡Disfrútenlo!!!”
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Review from Allt för musik.se (in swedish)
Den svävande känslan av minnen och optimism ackompanjerat av mörkare bakgrunder och techno både lyfter och förtrollar.”
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Review from Ikon 21/4 (in swedish) ungtro-4-5
“Hela tiden presenterat på ett väldigt harmoniskt sätt. Det är svårt att sluta lyssna.”
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Nordic imports with SMOOD at Studio 80 Radio Amsterdam
Vital Weekly #797
So the spacious rhythms of Pro424 are well spend on me. One excellent trip, this pro424.”
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Kulturterrorismus 27/4 (in German)
“Individuen, die leichte Beats in Kombination mit schnörkellosen, aber dennoch anspruchsvollen, Ambient Sphären schätzen, erleben in PRO 424’s “Immune” ein kurzweiliges Kleinod, das klar seine Vorbilder offenbart ohne dabei an Charakter zu verlieren – meine absolute Empfehlung!”
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