Skallahavet – Live at Ambient Morning (PUSH 2017)

Recorded September 12th 2017 at Ambient Morning concert at PUSH Festival in Gävle.
Skallhavets music is inspired by children’s spiritual rituals. It is light, organic and chanting.
The name Skallahavet is from a place on Skaftö. It’s a big meadow that is not on any maps, the name is only known in people’s mind. Behind the Skallhavets is Kajsa Magnarsson from Gothenburg.

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1 Jam / Ligeti (Lux Aeterna) Live  06:51
2 Skymning Live  02:58
3 Jam / Ligeti (Atmospehres) Live  04:54
4 Solkatt Live  02:54
5 Improvisation 1 Live  05:20
6 Häxdisko Live  03:51
7 Improvisation 2 Live  05:31
8 Skumraskaffär Live  03:25
9 Improvisation 3 Live  04:11
10 Sorti Live  04:49
11 Improvisation 4 Live  02:23

Mastered by Joakim Westlund

PUSH Festival, Gävle 12-16 September 2017.
Lamour and PUSH focus on all independent music makers who create and seek their audience outside the major companies’ medial superhighways. We want to give you the freedom to choose yourself, to discover near-produced, to hear shades from exciting corners, to come close to artists – for us, like you, we love the music!