Slim Vic Bärsärk EP

Slim Vic Bärsärk EP out now – Sept 19


Deep dark industrial ambient. A slowly evolving soundscape with boiling buzzing sounds, resonating through the dark world.

The berserk was perhaps one of the world’s best fghters, which in Old Norse time sworn allegiance to the Norse god Odin. Before a battle Berserkers excited each other up and occurred in bearskin or wolf skin, hence the word berserk. In the beginning of the battle they performed exceptionally talented, indifferent battlers, but in close combat they fell into berserk. Then they howled like wild beasts, probably to frighten the enemy and incite their comrades and themselves, and then get into rages. A berserk in battle were said not to bother about any injuries, and was therefore until the enemy, or they died.

Limited to 250 copies.

Artwork and design by Rolfcarlwerner
Mastering by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
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Our friends at Kulturterrorismus pleases us with another fine review!

Only in German, however…


In “Bärsärk” celebrates SLIM VIC an extremely entertaining gem, where the whole mag (content, sound art, presentation) fully convince – my absolute recommendation! PS: “Bärsärk” SLIM VIC is a prime example of total fusion of content & sound!

Surf in and read. And please check out their other reviews.

Swedish national Radio P2 Elektroniskt talks and play the full B-side of Bärsärk!


Review from ungtro 7/3 2015 (in swedish)
“Musiken byggs sakta upp, även om han sällan lämnar de mörka tonerna och de djupa basgångarna. Det får ta sin tid och just tid, tycks vara något som Slim Vic har gått om då spåren är hyfsat långa. För lyssnare utan tålamod är detta helt fel album. Men det är något speciellt, något annorlunda med de mörka tonerna och de små skiftningarna.”
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